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New Jersey governor to ease medical marijuana access for kids after father begs for daughter's life

17.08.2013 00:41

Children in New Jersey may soon have access to medical marijuana after Governor Chris Christie announced that he has agreed to sign, under two stipulations, a bill that will allow families to determine their own health care.

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Len Justin Williams 09.01.2014 17:44

Of course pot eaten is like 5 times more potent than that amount smoked but efficiency isn't part of this discussion.


Justin Rutkowski 22.10.2013 08:57

A form of meth is used, called Ritalin also they have pain clinics that give out Methadone a synthetic Her oin to recovering drug addicts and pain patients. Marijuana is not dangerous and has been used by our ancestors for generations. George Washington, Ben Franklin and more notable individuals from history smoked marijuana. It is the safest so called "Dr ug" that is out on the market other then other natural he rbs.


Just Mista 02.09.2013 05:46

And James: I have to back up Cathy. It's quite clear in the article, that the ingested medical marijuanna contains such little THC it will have no effects on a child patient.


Just Mista 02.09.2013 05:43

JDawg: sorry, but heroine( opiate based medicine ) has been used for decades in the medical field. And my guess is that a form of methamphetamine and cocaine is probably used too. It not about getting high it's about getting help. Don't be a troll!


Cathy 20.08.2013 00:48

James: the marijuana that is grown and prepared for the children is from a strain that is incredably low in thc but high in canibinol, the part that doesn't get you high. And it is grown to keep the thc level minimal enough that a patient would not have any more of a side effect than they would get from a cold medicine.


Cathy 20.08.2013 00:44

its a dangerous precedent, whats next? ......
What really sucks JDawg, is that people like you think it is your job to tell others what they can and can't do regarding their health care. Drugs should be btw a doctor and the patient and the DEA should have no business in that relationship. You do not appear to be speaking with any authority, such as someone who has examined evidence and had personal encounter. Life is full of dangers but adults should not be treated like children by the government.


Maureen Nestor 19.08.2013 21:58

Well at least we are moving in the right direction slowly....m


Jdawg Binne 19.08.2013 21:51

Hey Lois Medical Marijuana doesn't cure Illnesses unless you mean little things like nausea, its a dangerous precedent, whats next? Will we someday allow more hardcore drugs like heroine or meth to ease someones pain? Its seems simple to you people because all you see is this drug gets rid of pain, but its a drug and isn't without negative side effects. Isn't it sad that so many people in this world have to get high to be happy and escape life, doesn't that tell you that we should try and improve life instead of finding new ways to get high?


James Bowley 18.08.2013 18:32

"Digestible methods are better suited to children because the process maintains the medical properties while removing many of the ‘high-like’ aspects popular among recreational smokers."

To whomever wrote this article : Have you actually tried a pot-brownie?


Ian Kerr 17.08.2013 19:53

American drug war 2 ........please check it out, it will open your mind to the use of this wonder plant based drug


Lois Kobb 17.08.2013 15:36

"I know you think it's simple and it's not." What is so hard about telling parents that their children should not have to suffer from an incurable illness just because of some draconian law that forbids the use of a plant that can cure many illnesses?


ginamarie cordero 17.08.2013 14:07

How does a human look at another and tell them that stopping their daughter from dying, with a proven non-invasive method, is politically, a "complicated issues." Even if that is the case; which it shouldn't be as we have many models and precedents to follow as a guide regarding the legalization of this medicine, what that man Chris Christie (o yea the NJ governor) said, was HEARTLESS. How do people like this sleep at night?


Greg Erkins 17.08.2013 06:47

There may be hope for New Jersey yet.

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