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New Jersey to pay $425k to disabled man beaten by police

22.08.2013 18:31

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office will pay $425,000 to a mentally disabled man that was severely beaten by police in a traffic stop that occurred four years ago.

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Wilson Boozer 21.12.2013 21:36

The article neglects to mention what happened to the cops. I would be willing to bet that they are still employed and will receive their pensions.


ABDELKADER 03.12.2013 11:50

What can we expect of country where the police forces are made up of heartless morons and retarded imbeciles most of whom are uneducated and of the lowest class in society, bad breeding and violent upbringing? Unlike British police women and men who are exemplary of efficient ladies and gentlemen.


Tim Thompson 04.11.2013 21:04

kill them back


Kenneth T. Tellis 23.08.2013 20:12

Is this guy joking? In Canada you can be fined heavily for having an English Sign on your restaurant or store, And where if you are caught speaking English you can gey beaten up, and the police or government will not help you. Now there is Kebec in Canada, where you have no right if you are English-speaking. Is this rge same Canada that Varun Gupta is talking about?


Marc Francis 22.08.2013 19:47

Varun Gupta 22.08.2013 19:18

i wonder who would want to live in america...Canada is a much better place


Yeah, so much better. Tell that to the kid who was shot to death by police on an empty street car in Toronto a few weeks ago. Oh, or that mentally ill Polish man who was tasered to death by the RCMP in the Vancouver airport. Or maybe look into the bias against First Nations woman who have been murdered or disappeared over the years that results in the lack of investigation by the police. Just google Robert Pickton & what the police didn't do which allowed him to prey on 67 woman...


Varun Gupta 22.08.2013 19:18

i wonder who would want to live in america...Canada is a much better place

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