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Bloomberg reveals largest gun seizure ever in New York

19.08.2013 15:15

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday that his administration has successfully carried out the largest gun seizure in the city’s history.

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Daniel W Kauffman Jr 20.08.2013 12:26

Be nice if they knew something about gun safety. All those weapons pointed at the audience, some with the safety off?


Ken 20.08.2013 11:28

that's just great! Now what are the criminals going to use to shoot each other??


William Pollock 20.08.2013 04:39

It always amazes me to see the politicians take credit for arrests made by the police. I doubt the mayor knew anything about this investigation until about an hour before the news conference.


Tuatha Kaish 20.08.2013 03:27

a pipeline into NYC?...that's like saying "gunmen brought guns into a 'free gun zone' from surrounding city."



Sharon Storm 20.08.2013 03:16

shame on the stupid nyc voters who voted for this fascist 3x! how many people are killed by the legal firearms the psycho nypd every day? far more than those killed by terrorists in the 12 years since 9/11.

the nyc voters need to ask themselves what "shall not be infringed" means to them.


william stromberg 19.08.2013 23:37

Blumberg feels threatened by the poor and non-white so he has to pretend he is big while being small. In fact he also has a small man complex and needs to compensate. A real man would help the needy not hurt them just because of personal insecurities


Gabriel Lewis 19.08.2013 22:09

Looks like Bloomberg is fishing for excuses to support his racist and unconstitutional "stop and frisk" policy.

Blo omberg is an arrogant, sociopathic, fascist clown. Bloomberg and Ray Kelly & the others in the video are nothing but an insane clown posse. He and Ray Kelly look like Hitler and Himmler in that video. He has no say in how other states choose to run their governments.

Other states need to stand up to this clown! VA, NC, SC, PA, GA should all pull any NY tourism ads and boycott NY/NYC.

Boycott NYC!


hanspy 19.08.2013 20:45

mary 19.08.2013 20:37

americans will never give up their right to arms because they simply do NOT trust their government.


Ok. So you have guns and a big mouth to.Bc what you do with those guns?Use it against your not trustworthy government?


mary 19.08.2013 20:37

americans will never give up their right to arms because they simply do NOT trust their government.


Carlos 19.08.2013 20:21

Bloomberg should be shining shoes not mayor of NY. He has the same air as Bernard Madoff and just as crooked.


Plasma copy 19.08.2013 20:19

It is ridiculous we know where they go,Adolf Hitler did the same at the time is old History


ken Klimo 19.08.2013 20:17

Mr. Politician real news would be how you saved your state and countless lives from the criminal FRACKERS!

This is a joke.


wesley humphreys 19.08.2013 19:52

These firearms are not illegal based on the US Constitution. These guns are only illegal based on opinion by the Bloomberg administration. They are a legal "gang" and need to be seen as illegal for infringing everyones rights. They need to be in jail. F U Bloomberg.


Alex Vázquez 19.08.2013 19:31

Good luck with that... LOL


Graham Hayward 19.08.2013 19:24

Check out Eric Holder while you're at it you freaks. He smuggled a whole lot of brand new assault weapons into Mexico a while back, where were you guys then?


Stig 19.08.2013 19:01

Stig 19.08.2013 19:01

Not purchased from a licensed firearms dealer and purchased on the black market. Someone who can't figure out that out should not own a firearm.



Stig 19.08.2013 18:59

Excellent work!

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