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New Jersey toughens rules for phone data searches

19.07.2013 18:22

Police officers in the state of New Jersey will now require a judge’s signature on a search warrant if they want to obtain the sensitive location details emitted from the cell phones of criminal suspects.

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Anonymous user 22.07.2013 13:28

now take cameras, their facial recognition software, car tag tracking - all away.

Anonymous user 22.07.2013 05:58

Federal is a completely different thing and different standard.

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 09:43

Lip service we have no proof they have stopped or made it harder.

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 19:28

What the gov't don't want u to kno; ishmeal, celesine prophecy, a new earth..wake up & rage

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 16:53

Does this mean that the data can't be obtained by the NSA who is still tracking the phone calls?

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 15:14

Jimmy Carter Defends Edward Snowden, Says NSA Spying Has Compromised Nation's Democracy

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 13:12

Dictators are usually sodemized and hung by the people these days.

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 12:23

Obama has access to everyones back door and is a threat to your children.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 20:37

It's still not enough. Dismantle NSA and CIA. Impeach Obama. Snowden = Nobel prize. Then I'm happy

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