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NDAA critic stranded in Hawaii after turning up on no-fly list

17.10.2012 16:15

Wade Hicks was en route to a US Navy base in Japan to see his wife when armed military guards informed him that they had other plans. Hicks, an American citizen with no criminal record, had just been put added to a federal no-fly list.

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Bear 25.06.2014 11:19

This is what happens to a person that is willing to stand-up against their very own gone rouge federal government. In order to strike down any opposition to it that rouge government will do anything and everything to destroy the livelihood of it's very own citizens.

There are over 1.5 million illegal aliens in America yet not one of these criminals are placed on that no-fly list. They are the true criminals yet the rouge American government will do anything and everything to allow those criminals to stay in a country that it's citizens do not want them there.

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