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N. Dakota pushes abortion ban: ‘Life begins at conception’

23.03.2013 06:43

North Dakota legislatures have passed toughest anti-abortion resolution, asking the public to decide whether the state constitution should define life as beginning at conception. If approved, state-wide abortions will be outlawed.

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Ani D'Ambrosio 06.07.2013 03:45

Why not consider the rights of pregnant mothers to bear their children in a loving, supportive societal environment. ..
There is much that can be done to empower unmarried woman and their children….

Women, children and society deserve better than abortion. Check out Feminists for Life!

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 17:31

Are you sure N. D. just passed this law. I mean, look at the Comments.

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 17:28

Are you sure this site in not an annex of the Roman Catholic Church. Gees the language constriants

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 17:17

One more reason not to live in North Dekoda. N.D. was better off when the Dekoda Indians owned it.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 20:04

Only the poor will be the ones having babies which will just increase poverty in North Dakota!

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 16:07

They need more people for Homeland Security to kill off latter

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 16:06

The US needs population control. They have to many people already. This is stupid.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 16:01

So, is there any data on when Intelligence begins? (if ever?)


Veronika Also Damian 25.03.2013 15:38

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 07:02

Prochoicers forget about adoption. Also, avoid intercourse, then abortions won't be an issue.


Stop harassing Planned Parenthood and people will have better access to contraceptives.


Veronika Also Damian 25.03.2013 15:36

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 14:44

If you don't want your baby there is an infertile couple who does.


Is there something wrong with the loads of children already in the foster system? Your argument is invalid.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 15:33

lol People are stupid, bored and inconsiderate.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 14:44

If you don't want your baby there is an infertile couple who does.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 14:17

To Anon 13:56, usa owes more than all the other nations on Earth combined, do YOUR research?

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 13:56

To Anon 13:46, N. Dakota is one of few states with a strong econ, do your research.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 13:46

FORCE those babies to be born into poverty to poor mothers.
JUST what we need... more PAUPERS!

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