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NSA director booed during ‘unconvincing’ hacker conference speech

01.08.2013 00:27

National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander was jeered as he pleaded with professional hackers and cyber-security experts to reconsider the indiscriminate NSA surveillance during a speech at the annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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ChicagoRefugee 10.08.2013 11:09

These bassheads are forwarding information to the DEA so they can save us from the scourge of marijuana. Maybe now loony leftists & neo-con righties will finally see the danger in an ever-expanding government?

It's a truism that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. Including, apparently, your privacy.


fran7 08.08.2013 14:50

USA government were whining propaganda about being hacked and invaded by viruses from other countries when low and behold it turns out that the NSA was the aggressor all the time.


MoneyMakerExaminer 08.08.2013 09:58

So the NSA has 'rigorous government oversight' which is hardly inspiring as that would be the same government that authorized the creation of viruses attacks on Iran which ended up attacking US companies!

This is an organisation that considered its allies worthy of betrayal so why should we trust anything they say...actions always speak loudest.


Fahad Haroon 02.08.2013 09:42

Instead of Booing, Audience should have thrown an egg or a shoe at him.


SonyJim 02.08.2013 02:13

How long do you suppose it will be until real terrorists start targeting the USA? If they promote the idea long enough, real terrorists will eventually come into being.

The only difference is, real terrorists would not go to a lot of trouble to hurt "Joe Blow" Mr nobody - but rather target captains of American & British industry.

For the sake of these targets we should place them all under 24 hour surveillance for their protection. Monitor their conversations, banking activities and business dealings in order to keep them safe and sound.


sahari 01.08.2013 22:43

Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it. And the walls came tumbling down...


Elma Riachi 01.08.2013 22:30

If PRISM is so innocuous as the NSA would have us believe. Why all the secrecy in the first place and why pursue Edward Snowden?


Sharon Storm 01.08.2013 21:52

There is no way to legitimize the NSA's violation of all our human rights and the violation of our US constitution and Bill of Rights.


fran7 01.08.2013 15:44

NSA lacks credibility and decency and is a symptom of an out of touch government who should be pouring dollars into Detroit instead of Israel.


David Henry Parry 01.08.2013 15:05

Want to see the NSA in action?
Boot-up your favorite device!
<< Le voilà!>>
"Does ya got it now?"


David Henry Parry 01.08.2013 15:01

Given that the NSA, several years ago, strong-armed the developers of the major, popular operating systems (OS) that are used in desktop, handheld and tablet-based systems to embed NSA-sourced surveillance elements into the software of said operating systems... this latest whistle-blast shouldn't really surprise anyone!

Is anyone really surprised?
They demanded 'backdoors' in EVERYTHING, got them by frightening companies with retaliation and they don't keep a database? Really? Do wake up and keep up...


Rabid Statue 01.08.2013 15:00

You would be better to trust the legs of a snake

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