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NSA surveillance programs to be partially declassified

30.07.2013 18:04

The US government will declassify documents about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs in a “deliberate” attempt to provide the public with additional information after whistleblower Edward Snowden first revealed NSA spy tactics.

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n1a1 31.07.2013 19:52

The NSA has lied before. Who's to say they wont just create some more lies for all the sheeple to accept what they say and forget about all of this..

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 11:26

No interest? Lets don't be silly Ivan. They wouldn't spend the $, and already hassle civi over it.

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 10:32

already done.

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 10:21

ALL surveillance should be revealed if it does not threaten national security, which it doesn't!

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 08:12

Snowden should have contacted a congressman instead of acting alone. There are anti-obama sentors 2

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 07:52

So now they agree that the public has the right to know, but Snowden is a traitor for thinking that?

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 01:27

00:16 US automobiles, by design, begin to self destruct after five years.

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 01:12

Parts are manufactured overseas and assembled by cheap illegal alien labor in US-Legal US origin.

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 01:04

00:43 Please don't! Nearly all US trade goods are relabeled Chinese products or made in China.

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 00:58

Let Snowden, finish what he started and save the tax payers money. Take some fiscal responsibility!

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 00:58

Clapper is Canaris in The Game of the Foxes. Support alteratives to American state-run media!

Anonymous user 31.07.2013 00:43

Check country of origin before buying anything do not support evil empire USA hit them where it hurt


Autonomous 31.07.2013 00:16

Who can trust anything that comes out of the US? That includes cloud services, microchips, machine tools and even automobiles.

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 23:43

Don't bother releasing the documents we will await the next leaks from Snowden or Greenwald.

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