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Legal loophole: US offers no apologies for hacking internet encryption

06.09.2013 22:30

The US Director of National Intelligence has issued a statement in response to a report revealing that the National Security Agency, with help from international allies, secretly inserted backdoors into various encryption and internet security services.

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RåÐïð 07.09.2013 16:59

so everyones spying on everyone, and everyones got info on everyone, then the whole secrecy thing is a pointless waste of time, anti competitive and should be illegal. the time, money and human resources saved would be better used solving the worlds problems, like fukushima


Bassie Adriaan 07.09.2013 13:21

Snowden is just a messenger.


K K Singh 07.09.2013 04:39

Obama took time out of his G20 schedule to hold a closed doors session with Brazil’s President Rousseff for nearly 30 minutes on Thursday, to address the country’s outrage at allegations that her communications with top members of her government had been intercepted.
So was there any deal finally?


The Rus 07.09.2013 04:16

Ethel 07.09.2013 03:51

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The Rus 07.09.2013 03:57

If you care about privacy you cannot subscribe to any US server hosted business or service.
If they can crack SSL website encryption,
they must be able to crack PGP as well. Was this mentioned or obviously assumed is it is rsa based.
Can any of the Eric Snowden info tell us or release a comprehensive list of all encryption algorithms they can crack based on passphrase length or any other factors.
This is important.
Like can an AES/RSA be hacked min passphrase length and time to crack. etc
Or just is there anything they cant crack? That may be shorter. Like Gost with 4,000 character passphrase?


The Rus 07.09.2013 03:47

US spys and agency’s workers have been able to see your financial data steal it or anything they want, has been so for a while just released now.
This cannot be ethical or legal. Oh the masters live by no laws just the regular people do. The example of tryranny.
These people are sneaky and criminal types who cannot be trusted at all. As we have learned/verified I mean. we kind of knew it but not the extent to every world leader. The US must be worried. Not usually good when people are aware of what you say behind there back.
Has a counter measure/new system been developed? Must take them another 10 years to crack


Paul Coker 07.09.2013 02:03

NSA *created* all major crypt techniques and hacks for nearly every platform and system architecture commercially available.

It's not a case of them "cracking" the code to any piece of basic cryptography,its a case of them letting us (via media-corporate entities) play in their back yard.

Snowd en's increasingly desperate talk of "keys" and "unlocking all your secrets" will stoke Octogenarian Right Wing paranoia, but again - there is nothing new or surprising here, much less shocking or scandalous...


Oscar Benson 07.09.2013 01:01

These filthy rich need be aware that many of us are waking up and we won't allow this to continue. That is why Amerika hasn't bombed Syria as yet because we are working against you filthy elite and we will not allow you to control us any longer.


Oscar Benson 07.09.2013 01:00

The fact that eludes most of us is that the very ones in charge and recipient of benefit of all this spying is not any particular government but only the very elite of the world who actually own most of the governments of the world in one way or another. They are who are actually spying on the world in order to maintain their control over all of us and this is what most people cannot accept nor understand.


SVGuss 06.09.2013 23:49

logical-americ an 06.09.2013 23:24

Snow den of course is ruining US intelligence capabilities, but we all know Russia, China and every other nation with an intelligence agency tries to do the same exact thing...


...not portraying themselves as bastions of democracy though, with the right to bomb other countries into the stone age at wish cause they are always right by definition and "indispensable& quot; for the world.

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