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Privacy group demands Supreme Court halts NSA surveillance programs

05.07.2013 19:22

A privacy watchdog group on Thursday announced that it will file a petition asking the Supreme Court to vacate the ruling that allows the National Security Agency to gather domestic surveillance data.

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Anonymous user 09.07.2013 01:15

They will be found to have no standing before the court. The case will not even be looked at by SC.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 18:22

With the decisions from the Supereme Court lately. I believe they are also corrupt.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 02:46

You mess with US you feel our pain. US mess with you and you bendover

Anonymous user 06.07.2013 21:22

arrest those that violated the constitution as it is the base of the USA.


William Hewitt 06.07.2013 16:59

American citizens have the right to arrest the President and Congress because they have broken the law which is the American Constitution. The US Army should do this when the American population demands it. Egypt just exercised this option now the US Army should declare martial law and arrest the corrupt Congress and black President.

Anonymous user 06.07.2013 01:36

How do you stop all governments in all countries from doing it?

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 21:31

You guys know that top judges are handpicked by DroneBama right? Justice system is dead in US.

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 21:31

The NSA/FBI/CIA/HLS doesn't care. They will keep spying even if the Supreme Court rules against it.

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