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Snowden leak: NSA plans to infect ‘millions’ of computers

12.03.2014 14:38

Yet more previously secret surveillance operations waged by the United States National Security Agency were made public Wednesday morning thanks to leaked documents supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

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mergon 12.08.2014 16:23

They have my pac/mac/imi and ip , im not a geek but use startpage as the browser and every setting in this computer is set no for everything except for the bare essencials to get on a site like this, history is set at clear everything from the start of time and is cleared after evey page , this computer has lasted than the other 3 and the 3 extra hard drives , its hard work but just slows them down a bit , also all downloads are turned off after microsoft decided to dump 78 downloads on me at once
they are all bent !


Si porter 02.07.2014 13:07

So your saying that the Ground (Earth connection on our homes is under attack what! You, mean if my router is plugged in to the mains i don,t have to be connected on long as the p.c/laptop is plugged intro a mains socket i'm owned?


Claudia 30.04.2014 14:41

Martin Tangeten 03.04.2014 00:14

I guess they dont need any connection to the web. The socket for voltage is possibly already their way. Everyone can buy equipment to do so at home and this technology is already common with baby phones for example.


Well, then you still need a receiver that can gain information from the socket. I didnt found that yet in any of my computers.


William A Finch 06.04.2014 16:14

Ho hum. Snowden. You're getting dull.


Martin Tangeten 03.04.2014 00:14

I guess they dont need any connection to the web. The socket for voltage is possibly already their way. Everyone can buy equipment to do so at home and this technology is already common with baby pohnes for example.


mergon 17.03.2014 13:57

The americans have shown us all that anything with chips is bugged and cant be trusted just like them .

Do i care that they have bugged my computer and phone ?
not really because because i have another computer to seriouse work with and it never goes on line ,yes i have a cell phone as they call it and they are welcome to the pics of my dogs and garden , if i need to comms with someone i would use a SW burst transmitter ,or short range walki takies for in town , all the spying just means is that you have to adapt ,it gives them something to do

Someone once said that security is just a matter of time !


mergon 17.03.2014 13:45

this is my 3rd computer so far i gat through 3 and and 3 hard drives ,so the first thing i did was to disconnect the wifi from the wall , because a new computer scans for it as soon as you turn it on ,next was disable the free phoney security that came with it ,and then onto the settings to deny ever single access and stop any automatic down loads ,all that i had to do then was to tape up the camera and the microphone holes ,
And here we are 4 months on and still going .
All history is set to be cleared from the begining of time
and the permissions are cleared prior to shut down
java is another one to watch outfor


Darren Hoffmann 14.03.2014 06:34

It still surprises me that he has to urge people to use encryption. Every day people live with the false security that all their information is protected because black circles show up when they put in their password. Most "passwords" ; are individual gateways to unprotected information. The only way your stuff is protected is if even the people hosting the content can't access it. That being said.. I don't think the average person actually has anything of interest on their e-mail/PC.


anon 14.03.2014 00:31

may displaced / misplaced anger be rooted out also


anon 14.03.2014 00:25

thank you snowden. thank you greenwald, other journalists. i hope kerry, obama, feinstein, us, eu take a step back, wake up, maybe retrace their steps. may ignorance, fear, resignation, power issues be rooted out.
eu shouldn't have put sanctions on russia and then tried to send people to ukraine to help. soldier kerry got turned all around by republican smearing during the 2004 pres election and now is just propagating errors and failing to handle many intl issues appropriately. new nsa chief, former navy guy seems to be _making_ things into war (of course). obama's opponents are screaming idiots like He Has Failed


Blackberry 13.03.2014 12:51

Leroy Jr 13.03.2014 07:51

Snowden should get the noble peace prize.


Yeah take it off Obama and give it to Snowden.


Fábio O. Ribeiro 13.03.2014 11:49

Americans and British want to control the internet because they are unable to control the real world? Good.

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