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White House considers halt to surveillance of allied leaders

28.10.2013 17:27

The White House is currently evaluating whether to end surveillance programs allegedly targeting the leaderships of allied nations such as Germany.

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Karel Cleuren 29.10.2013 17:49

@ Logical American

So youre one of those that agrees with, if you got nothing to hide then you got nothing to fear.

So then why does your government hides everything from you then. I guess they do got a whole lot to fear? Except for outrage of the outside world.


Noah Way 29.10.2013 14:23

The check is I'm the mail, and I promise I won't come in your mouth. Trust me.


pmt1103 29.10.2013 13:13

Lilly OfTheValley 29.10.2013 13:00

Ob ama said "he didn't know". So he is either incompetent or a liar. Pick your choice.


Ha trick question it's both choices.


Randi Young 29.10.2013 13:10

So the US Government can invest time, thought, and action into stopping surveillance on other world leaders, but not its own citizens? Seems like prioritied here are becoming increasingly askewed. :/


Capucine Altier 29.10.2013 13:09

sorry they :)))) .. getting too emotional


Capucine Altier 29.10.2013 13:09

Not only should day stop with this activity immediately they should beg for forgiveness and make responsible everyone who has ordered it. This is unbelievable! The arrogance of those people is beyond everything.


irishroguestargazer 29.10.2013 12:57

Feinstein said, the U.S. should not engage in spying of Countries it does not have hostilities with " paraphrase .. Does that mean that the United States Government is acting. "HOSTILE TOWARDS IT'S OWN CITIZEN'S" ???????????????


funkytowel 29.10.2013 12:52

They are "considering&qu ot; it?!! WTF how about begging peoples forgiveness and disbanding the programs altogether. Just when I thought I knew how ridiculous it is, the nerve of these people. Obama is sh it. I have said it before and who can deny it now?????


rogirl 29.10.2013 12:24

Well excuse me but I thought that surveillance of allied leaders was denied by the obomber himself. These politicians certainly know how to lie and to lie and to lie. What if we all decided to lie like Obomber,we would not be able to trust anyone or anything not even our own mothers.


paul flood 29.10.2013 11:57

Endless spying ,endless lying .Nobody actually believes anything that comes from the U.S government but they do remind me of a paranoid schizophrenic I read about who turned on his own family

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