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NSA spied on phones of 35 world leaders

24.10.2013 18:51

The National Security Agency eavesdropped on hundreds of phone numbers belonging to dozens of world leaders, newly leaked documents supplied by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden reveal.

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Tanya Dmitrieva 14.11.2013 06:08

I like the idea of citizens voting on stuff based on what a politicians tells us. They lie and they hang. All we have are liars and cooks. Look at all the people they are killing and look what they do to people who report corruption in the government. They destroy them. We the American people need to clear house and just get rid of every politician. The government has got chemtrails, GM food, vaccines, and fluoride they are poisoning you with. You paid for the mountain tunnels and all the military and then they use them against you. You wouldn't go after them and now the chickens have come home to roost.


Tanya Dmitrieva 14.11.2013 06:01

Hey guess what Germans. If it was 1944 they would be dropping bombs on your country. You act like this is a big surprise. Like how dare them. We aren't your partner. The USA doesn't give a shat about Germany. You should have told the USA to get their bases out of your country decades ago. Why are they there? Are we there to protect you from the Russians? Because that was the original excuse. Our guys put your soldiers in open fields and killed 1.7 million. Then raped all your women. We are not your friend. Tell America to get their soldiers out of your country NOW! Listening on phone calls is a serous offense.


Roxy Chick 27.10.2013 18:22

and in the meantime obama stands there waving as if to fool everyone globally whilst cameron keeps his big mouth shut knowing full well what is going on!


Johnny Luckett 26.10.2013 07:21

The NSA protects our nation from numerous enemies both domestic and abroad. I know that many of you feel that they're spying on us; this is just not true! The technology's that were implemented weren't created to spy on Americans daily; although, it's capable of (for example) tracking and recording our conversations online if you happen to be pinging on key Al-Qaeda operatives being actively watched. There's no nefarious master plan to spy on Americans. Look... these dedicated men and women are saving countless lives daily thus keeping our enemies at-bay!


Nine 26.10.2013 04:30

Well let's hope they didn't have any naughty pics or texts. I can't help but remember when ex Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev was given an iPhone4 when he visited the U.S. Hmm....?


Claudia Zapata 25.10.2013 19:39

America has no shame.


Mike 25.10.2013 15:48

Dave Bruce 25.10.2013 09:17

"....the United States IS not and WILL not monitor the chancellor's communications." ; ;

What about "DID not"...? (past tense)

This is just 'legal jargon' to make sure they don't get their asses burned!


Very well said Dave. As an American, I am totally embarrassed by the NSA's actions. Certainly we should be spying on our enemies, we don't want another 9/11. But apparently Obama can't tell our friends from our enemies. And to our friends I say my country owes you an apology.


Gerr 25.10.2013 14:10

Of course this has nothing to do with the fight against terrorism when the NSA listens in to A. Merkel's phone conversations. It's for economically valuable information that could benefit American companies or corporations. I wonder how much info has already been passed to the likes of Monsanto or Halliburton to help them win contracts. Of course when the US government needs their help to invade or sabotage another country, they can't say no...


Diez Sanchez 25.10.2013 12:50

Typical USA, gaming policies to maximise cash flow! Just Cuz the law did not clarify internet privacy ,anyone would first let d lawyers clarify before u engage n global espionage! That's like saying doping was wrong but d substance I took wasn't defined as illegal so I used them 2'win 7 tours! Cheating is cheating & USA's spying is illegal! Its like watching a survivor weighed down w $ & tech tread water after a boating accident, with other survivors, who tell each other secrets before they die! Once aware they were all cheated by d greedy tech guy ,they let him sink to d bottom w his stolen $ & save each other!


Dave Krueger 25.10.2013 12:06

It's one thing when the NSA spies on ordinary insignificant people, but when it spies on the ruling class, well, that's just totally unacceptable.


Roxy Chick 25.10.2013 11:57

It is about time BRIC/Asia sanctioned usa and israel see how they like it!


Ali 25.10.2013 11:50

american people are so innocent.
they don't know where there money is going and at the same time they are being spied as CIA spying other world leaders.
It is as mother in a home does'nt even believe her own family. The family that works even harder to run their home.


Sadikk Shaikh 25.10.2013 10:19

Bugging German chancellor's phone is not American interest. This is zionists who keep track of their previous enemies aka Mr hitler. Shows how strong and deep control they have on American agencies. Good job Netanyahu.


Dave Bruce 25.10.2013 09:17

"....the United States IS not and WILL not monitor the chancellor's communications." ;

What about "DID not"...? (past tense)

This is just 'legal jargon' to make sure they don't get their asses burned! The US powers-that-be think they are so smart that they can do anything and get away with it...


Capucine Altier 25.10.2013 08:18

I like Merkel. She is a very smart woman and the best leader at the moment regarding Germany and probably for the rest of the Europe. She knows very well she cannot do a lot in this case because the issue is incredibly complicated and she cannot just cut ties with somebody especially when their economy is dependent on each other especially in the time of crisis. However I am sure she will do as much as she can to solve the issue. Still the system has to collapse and it will within next ten years. It wont happen in one day but it will take some time and I am sure she is aware of that. And many of them too.


Bianca 25.10.2013 03:24

@Agnes Maria, is the point of your comment to ridicule the whole issue of controlling the communications of millions of people, and their leaders? Sorry, but most people on this planet will disagree with you. It is not "many-sided&quo t;, it is rather clear. And how do you define security surveillance vs. "innapropriate& quot; use? The point is, we are not talking about suspects, and tracking crimes, or potential terrrorists. What is being done is disguisting, making one want to have a shower. And you could have just steopped there -- attacking Snowden showed your real bent. He proves that North Pole still exists.


Leon the Professional 25.10.2013 02:38

This is just for show: Western Europe is essentially America Junior.

'Argg...we 're angry but um...we can't do sanctions cause we're your puppets to molest' - Germany / France and every other NATO prostitue country.


Agnes Maria 25.10.2013 01:41

Let no other security network engage so reckelessly in an abuse of their authority, and let no security service allow themselves to be so exposed. (Learn to live by these words: WATCH YOUR RANKS. Also, Death Before Dishonour, Take the Best and Leave the Rest, and No Surrender, but I digress.)

T his matter (of surveillance) is many-sided. It must be taken seriously, engaged in proper (lengthy) debate about security surveillance versus inappropriate use of surveillance.

Tapping personal lines of other leaders is punishable, though. However, in that still shot, Snowden appears just a bit too gleeful, even for me.

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