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Obama picks official who approved of dragnet NSA surveillance to head FBI

21.06.2013 17:49

President Barack Obama announced Friday afternoon that he’s selected James Comey to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Anonymous user 24.06.2013 04:03

Yet one more middle-finger from Obama to the American people and the US Constitution.

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 06:13

01:13 it aint his hair that ppl need worry bout. it's his freakin head.

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 01:13

this guy's got a premo hair coloring product to look like that at 52

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 23:22

I would like 10 mins in a locked room with 3ft of 4x2 with this mut .educating to popular opiniune!


Tian Shi 22.06.2013 21:37

That government criminal complaint under seal that was signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge, Honorable John F. Anderson is not properly filled-out which lack known facts.

Come on Department of Justice and FBI do your job right!

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 20:14

All mombers of same sauna club wink wink !

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 17:32

Darn, now our computers are a party line controlled by Uncle Sam. My, their ears must be burning...

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 12:13

Not Cine-Rama - Obama-Rama! Useless, spineless! No US race-cards RT! Just BO's fraud & lies &.. &..!

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 11:24

i made a mistake for voting for Obama,he fool me,he is a republican in a democrat clothing.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 05:07

Why do these stooges think defictionalizing 1984 and Minority Report is such a good idea?

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 00:22

You can't say crime doesn't pay, when your the new pick to head the FBI, can you?

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 21:08

we aren't a democracy..we are a Constitutional Republic..the 2 parties have corrupted the ppls power

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