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Privacy perverted: No telco ever disobeyed NSA phone record orders

17.09.2013 21:58

No telecommunications company ever refused to follow the secret US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s orders to turn over bulk phone records under the Patriot Act, despite a legal mechanism to do so, the court has revealed.

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Huseyn Gurbuz 19.09.2013 01:58

This Is Very Useful. Thanks For The Post. Hope To See More. Keep Up The Good Work.


Zina Antoaneta 18.09.2013 17:28

Oh, how helpless we all sound! And maybe we are. Maybe US has turned this corner long ago with no way back. Maybe the security aparatus is too well developed to allow any real dissent. Maybe this is the future for all of us. The future is already here.


Isis 18.09.2013 13:31

Of coarse the judges r being paid large amounts of money - through investments - hee hee- to get payback for all of their illegal & unconstitutional rulings. Our courts in the US r corrupt & not to be trusted.

It is time for each state to pull there money from the federal government and keep their money within their state, remove spyware and cameras and absolutely defund every part of the spy organization.

We have been cornered, manipulated and owned by the gov. - no more!

Our government is tyrannical and committed treason - whatever shall we do?


Tony Bolinger 18.09.2013 12:16

We have to take our country back. This is outrageous a true boot stomping of our constitution.The people need to wake up and start holding the government accountable and remind the government slime that its we the people not we the government.


Max Power 18.09.2013 11:14

CLAIRE V. EAGAN, District Judge 333 West Fourth St., Room 411. Tulsa, OK 74103 918.699.4795


A F 18.09.2013 10:52

The US is a joke.


Live on your knees or die fighting 18.09.2013 08:09

No it is not legal who do these people think they are kidding as right now it looks like just themselves !!

Pull the other one it has got bells on !!


Zeitgeisttt 18.09.2013 02:19

NSA's phone data collection is legal........Not in my country


Rojo 18.09.2013 01:18

Why doesn't the NSA stop the telemarketers that harass the American people day after day? The NSA has the data! The NSA are political police. Their job is to intimidate. Their job is to stop political protest.


philip siemion 18.09.2013 01:16

A US survailance court authorized itself to continue spying on all of us. Don't be concerned; if youv'e done nothing right, you have nothing to fear.


Pantera Persa 18.09.2013 01:04

'Law Abiding Citizen' ... Now, the scene I really loved in that movie was how the corrupt judge ...


Eduardo Casas 18.09.2013 01:00

Now for the real test... is it CONSTITUTIONAL??

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