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US govt appeals ruling denouncing NSA’s mass phone surveillance as unconstitutional

03.01.2014 21:37

​The US Justice Department appealed Friday a federal judge’s December ruling that advanced a legal challenge to the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records.

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fran7 22.01.2014 14:25

If USA government actually observed its own constitution the world would be a better place.
Snowden is a hero for exposing USA PRISM and Manning for exposing USA military murder of innocent civilians'.
Kerr y is an idiot for not understanding " no preconditions" and not having listening ears.


Audrieau 05.01.2014 02:13

Davis, Maybe world peace was never the aim. maybe world domination was.


David 04.01.2014 20:19

Could Bush have predicted this perverse outcome of the Patriot Act? Yes. The volatile nature of knee-jerk legislation that sets aside constitutional principles is dangerous to EVERYONE. Not even the NSA is exempt from their own actions. It will backfire in many ways, each having an effect on the foundation of the country. The Patriot Act is no different than other construct that backfire - like biological and chemical weapons, messing with the weather, etc. In this case the Act specifically attacks the 4th Amendment to the Constitution and should be abolished.


Bob Connole 04.01.2014 17:27

Since when has some silly court ruling stopped the NSA?


Davis-Guess Wendy 04.01.2014 12:33

Sinister is the best word to describe the approach taken in hopes to achieve world peace. That, my friends, is an oxymoron.


Mark 04.01.2014 12:12

Terrorists do not use facebook to arrange attacks, they do not use Verison connected phones, they do not use gmail. They do not plan their attacks in Merkel's office or the internet to plan their attacks.

mo st terrorist attacks are planned in Langley, the Pentagona and the Whitehouse as well as the palaces of the house od Saud. This is where the majority of terrorism is planned. Add to that the FBI have only ever foiled terrorism plots they actually hatched while missing the 3 deluded fools like the shoe bomber who were stopped by citizens. FBI planned the 93 WTC bombing and were heard saying "not enough deaths"


Zeitgeisttt 04.01.2014 05:08

Who cares...The global village has spoken out against the NSA. How long can the USA take this stance before the world dictates other wise.


Nameless App 1989 03.01.2014 22:54

Give it a rest, US Gooberment. A WH panel member said the spying does not catch terrorists. Game, set, liberty.

No Way, NSA!

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