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#StopWatchingUs rally against mass surveillance: Live Updates

26.10.2013 14:05

Thousands have marched on the National Mall in Washington, DC to protest covert NSA surveillance operations on the anniversary of the Patriot Act. The organizers have presented Congress with a petition which has acquired over 580,000 signatures.

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Paul Vonharnish 13.11.2013 14:51

You folks can march, picket, and scream all you want. Marches are a pathetic joke. As long as you allow corporations and capitalism to exist, you'll remain debt slaves and cannon fodder. You allowed banker/thieves and corporate mafia to bulldoze your country into the same pile of political wreckage as Palestine, yet can't see the connection at all. Obviously you are all blinded by your iPads and tinker toy electronic crack. Maybe if you quit watching Reality TV? You've allowed your governments to create debt systems instead of wealth systems, and those who control the world bank cartels are laughing at you right now.


Milt Farrow 28.10.2013 16:04

It took 237 years for the two party system to absolutely corrupt the system entirely. There is not a branch of Government free of Graft, Corruption, and total disregard of the rule of law-"when such conditions exist where about 150 "Crime families " have wrecked the nation's economic and political system, The Constitution Provides for 1) A trial by a national grand jury 28.10.2013 15:31

@Jared Keller 26.10.2013 20:41

Don't be stupid Jack, your government was established, by the constitution, to protect your freedoms. United we stand, divided we fall and all that...

It is the military that protects us from foreign powers, it is the court that protects your freedoms, it is the people who staff and authorize those actions and so on, and so forth.

The government is the people, like it or not. It is what it is and no amount of whining by people who are out of touch with reality will change that fact.


Margaret Lynn 27.10.2013 19:01

We, are the people, not the enemy !

How dare you treat us as if we are. We elected our officials to represent us, not become our keepers, not violate us, and certainly not to behave as if they are above us, and know what's best for us.

Do the job that you were elected, and paid to do, which in now way includes treating us as your subjects.


Davis-Guess Wendy 27.10.2013 00:59

Steve Yuhas 26.10.2013 23:41

. Keep listening NSA.


Do you understand that this information can end up in the hands of bigots. Do you understand a bigot could rise to the top of a nation and use the information to discriminate against the people whose personal beliefs have been made available to them? The ability to use the information such as religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, and political views is unfair for one reason - PEOPLE CHANGE. The militarization of a Free Nation of America is an assault on freedom everywhere.

I would rather face a terrorist than be spied on.


Steve Yuhas 26.10.2013 23:41

I used the RT site to comment about the #StopWatchingUs rallies because I thought it comical that Putin's network is suddenly the beacon of privacy. Everybody spies on everybody - including Russia. I WANT the NSA to spy on people all over the world: 9-11 was hatched in Germany & Malaysia; Spain & London bombings: all over the world; every attack on US troops (insider) came from "allies" and let's not forget bin Laden was shielded for years by Pakistan - another ally. Keep listening NSA.


Kyle Kissmann 26.10.2013 23:40

Haeshu, Gary Johnson was one of the speakers at the Rally. He ran for president last election and IS running for president in 2016. He's also the only candidate with enough support to get rid of the IRS. So how about voting for someone that's actually in the race and can make that difference?


Mark Parksel 26.10.2013 23:36

Among the most scary things I have seen in my life from my government, this incredible disconnect between the great majority of citizens in the U.S. and the government bureaucrats and elected officials. It's truly disgusting, and that I have to be seeing news of these protests through the Russian media and not our own is just a further testament of how completely broken our entire system of checks and balances is. The U.S. media has failed the American people by currying favor with an administration bent on exercising as much power as possible over what had once been a free people.


Haeshu Kasiiki 26.10.2013 23:26

Edward Snowden for President 2016!!! Let's bring him back so he can keep on cleaning this cesspool up!!!!!!


Gale Storm 26.10.2013 23:10

Thank God for these people who have to courage to demonstrate and question the federal government. This country needs more people like this to stand up against the bullying of the obama administration. Peace!


Bryan Avarado 26.10.2013 22:55

The NSA was never to grow into what it is today.

Go to VBNAmerica for pro-constitutional news

There are good people in government who don't want to be looked at as being '3vil'. Give them confidence to stand up and they will.


Ron Paulyes 26.10.2013 22:46

whats the beef. all the politicians/gov't want to do is take your tax money and then spend it spying on you, your family and your neighbors. they call it - investment.


Milt Farrow 26.10.2013 22:37

Obama had been schooled and prepped to follow the Bush/Cheney Neo.Con policies without question, and he has done so painstakingly by the Elitist Bankers and pseudo industrialists-he is anything but a socialist, for certain the past 40 years have taken us as close to the 3rd Reich as possible making us a Mercantile Fascist state-"Feeding banks too big to fail" is the key.
150 people control our government and country

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