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US still scrambling to determine scope of what Snowden accessed - report

20.08.2013 23:36

The National Security Agency is still baffled by the extent of information Edward Snowden accessed, according to a new report.

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giggles 21.08.2013 19:12

comment of only 1 flash drive? really?! Have U been following story at all U would know there R massive amounts of data, he has multiple laptops, drives, usb etc. same 4 Greenwald, wikileaks, lawyers, & other activists, further been stated all data is bundled & sent around world encrypted & that should anything happen, all those given the key will publish it & all those w/ the data will be able to open & release. THINK people, what would U do. These people R not idiots.. they have ALOT & in many many places. They held Maranda & took his many laptops, games, USBs, phone etc, so have EVERYthing in those systems.


Helical 21.08.2013 16:55

Rabidsmurf01 21.08.2013 09:02

I'm willing to bet he left with more than a flash drive, lol.


I hope he has taken a few large capacity Hard Drives OR better still has a back door into the NSA.


Helical 21.08.2013 16:52

I hope Snowden keeps them worried for a VERY long time and hopefully chasing their tail most of the time!


Commander 21.08.2013 16:28

The fact that Snowden's NSA data is out there somewhere, will haunt the American Empire and the entire Western Axis for years to come. Russia may have already obtained all of the sensitive data from Snowden. This could have been one of the agreed to conditions that allowed him to stay in the Russian Federation.


Robbin Banks 21.08.2013 12:52

It's all a hoax - false outdated and exagerated information after N.S.A make 90% workforce redundant. .N.S.A tagets have taken counter measures since the first exposure in 1998. The media haqrdly touched it but brainwahs us with it today. Google - Updated, Snowden hoax os a Zionist plot


Vlada 21.08.2013 11:46

This Snowden leaking sometimes looks as the leaking at the Fukushima plant: it in fact never stops, gets stronger as the time is passing by, thus making the whole of the US/UK situation degrading more and more.


Vlada 21.08.2013 11:41

The US and UK have been caught with their pants down! Now they are trying to grasp what all there was up that the wide public have actually seen.


James Warren 21.08.2013 09:14

I recon he has dirt that 9-11 was an inside job which we already know about but no-one has confirmed.


Rabidsmurf01 21.08.2013 09:02

I'm willing to bet he left with more than a flash drive, lol.


Ed 21.08.2013 07:56

Come on, Snowden.. Release what you have and bear the fruits of your labor.


Opperdienaar 21.08.2013 07:53

People that believe that you can use government to fight government (legal action) are missing the point. The government can't be an objective arbiter in disputes with the government.


trx 21.08.2013 04:47

Along with its Anglo crime partners like Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, America has ambitions to create a global spy state under Anglo Saxon control.

NS A spying ops like PRISM and XKEYSCORE are only the tip of the iceberg of this Anglo surveillance regime.

In a classically Orwellian manner, the Anglo-Americans attempt to disguise their agenda behind propaganda about spreading (internet) liberty around the globe!


King Kung 21.08.2013 04:07

Max 21 truly has a way with words - I found this understanding completely revolutionary. If Max is right, after we obtain our degree and are able to relax 'a bit' then we become fools when able to achieve 'power' and 'absolute power' , in the case of being the functional 'computer administrator with God powers. Essentially becoming fools. Thank you for this insight. Now how to apply this to my own life...


Max21c 21.08.2013 03:30

Do you really want the NSA/CIA/FBI Pentagon Gestapo to have your information when they don't even know what info they have lost. So it's supposedly ok for the Washington Regime to use its secret police to spy on some American citizen and steal their scientific information, proprietary information, scientific research, trade secrets, technical secrets, private property and then the clowns in the US Govt lose it and don't even know what they've lost. They could be stealing anything from anyone and losing it and have no idea what they've stolen or what they've lost. They're just fools with too much power.


Max21c 21.08.2013 03:24

Once again the CIA/NSA Pentagon Gestapo is lying per trying to downplay the mess they're in. The era of "total information awareness" and they don't even know what they've lost! The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing, all powerful US Secret Police are just a bunch of bunglers, fools, and idiots when they're not being mischievous, cruel, nasty, obnoxious, robbing people, picking on people, persecuting people and cheating people. In the Washington Regime and its secret police they're either inept and incompetent or evil, slimy, and cruel.


Noah Way 21.08.2013 02:26

Let's have it all. There's got to be some really good (bad) stuff in there.

Democracy cannot exist in secret.

Thi s post monitored by the NSA.


Dom Rice 21.08.2013 01:55

They will be panicking about 9/11 data no doubt, so will israel


Sergio Michilini 21.08.2013 01:37

Wahington DC is now Panic City, USA, where fear & loathing rule & dark shadows scurry across back alleyways in the murky darkness & fog. It's all downhill from here folks...better buckle up, it may be a rough ride to the bottom.

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