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NSA site went down due to 'internal error', not DDoS attack, agency claims

25.10.2013 21:06

The website for the US National Security Agency suddenly went offline Friday in what some claimed was an Anonymous DDoS attack. The agency denied it was under attack, however, saying it was merely updating software.

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mergon 21.02.2014 12:07

Technology works both ways your machine will crumble
Sometimes its the simplest things that can cause it .
When you can see the wood for the trees thats the time to worry !


mergon 21.02.2014 12:03

Any government body who makes every common person an enemy of their state deserves any and everything they get !


Gregory Paul Smith 27.10.2013 06:17

Should ever be FORGOT.


Joey Ryan 27.10.2013 03:42

Remember, remember the fifth of November,The gunpowder treason and plot, I know of no reason Why the gunpowder treason Should ever be fought


Peter Wexler 27.10.2013 00:49

I wish I could claim credit for this.


David Fulton 26.10.2013 21:47

I had attempted, to post only links, but was accused of using offensive language { ?!?!?! ]


Kathryn Holt 26.10.2013 20:48

thank god looks like stop watching us started early..... And Thank you Russia for some Proper information for us


Diez Sanchez 26.10.2013 19:20

How much ya wAnna make a bet that update just deleted or erased all links that connected the guys that used this NSA, to cherry pic whatever goodies they wanted financially, & politically!Just when things got hot it gets an update & strangely crashes..hmm? I hope its not an A/I type system, like d movie "eagle eye"..The kill or let live council that operated with no oversighted & made d terror Tuesday list from NSA data , may be in 4 a surprise! If gringos start falling from d sky(Steve martin 3amigos) or go splat, from a drone missle ,It would appear d update failed,Or succeeded, depending on how u see itHUH?HA!


Kizone Kaprow 26.10.2013 16:56

Ryan Peck 26.10.2013 16:22

Its still down almost at 24 hours now


No it isn't.


Kizone Kaprow 26.10.2013 16:45

Impotent anarcho-kiddies falsely and wishfully take credit for "shutting down" a website for a few hours, pretend they have "shut down" the NSA itself, get laughed at by rational humans with actual lives.


Ryan Peck 26.10.2013 16:22

Its still down almost at 24 hours now


Torcularis 26.10.2013 13:48

Admittedly, this was basically a show of force. The NSA website holds no actual important data, all of which would not be accessible online. You'd likely have to physically access their servers or backups of said servers (such as following the truck that takes them) to get the info, and it'd likely still be encrypted.


Ed Koon 26.10.2013 13:17

Yea.. We all know how trustworthy and truthful the NSA is.. LOL!


John McCracken 26.10.2013 12:36

I guess when we have had enough with the nazi tactics here, we can circumvent the UN and ask another country's army to do the deed of removing our corrupt government like we do in other countries. Other cultures hate what our politicians and policies do in their back yard, not us. Silence is acceptance...

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