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Feinstein's NSA 'reform' bill would expand snooping powers

27.09.2013 12:06

A bipartisan group of US senators is trying to ban the NSA’s blanket surveillance program in a radical bill proposed to the Senate Intelligence Committee. But a milder bill from chairwoman Diane Feinstein would sanction more snooping on US citizens.

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Horus 27.09.2013 18:13

God gave us resources so we can use them, not so greedy corperations can regulate us from using the resource, hundreds of resources from 1 plant!

To the Antis, Enjoy your Alchiol and drunkardness Greed!


Horus 27.09.2013 18:05

They only wish to Colonize and control others around themm through intimidation and inhumane regulations!


Horus 27.09.2013 18:02

dont let the false new world prophets religions lie to you


Horus 27.09.2013 18:01

some people Idea of Life is constant regulations of peoples through fear and mind control


Horus 27.09.2013 17:53

People would rather work for a stable objective than an unstable obgective, and peole need to feed their families so they can live in peace!


Horus 27.09.2013 17:47

Instead of paying security forces to destroy crops, pay them to protect them for industry, nobody looses their jobs or income.


Horus 27.09.2013 17:41

here is an Idea to avoid a shutdown, Legalize marajuana for more industrial and common uses and watch the money roll in and save your deficet! The forfathers used it for a reason, why not lead by example, they used it to survive so why not now?


Horus 27.09.2013 17:35

oops i said can twice lol


Horus 27.09.2013 17:34

The world cannot survive on the basis so that the greedy can have their chins can hang down to their knees


Horus 27.09.2013 17:26

Would you like some acid rain to go with your BBQ?

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