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NSA has 'extremely good idea' of how Snowden stole documents

18.09.2013 19:19

It’s likely too late to stop Edward Snowden from leaking more classified documents, but the National Security Agency’s top technologist says the NSA is almost certain of how the former intelligence contractor accessed a trove of sensitive data.

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Albert Venti 17.02.2014 04:25

yes some democracy--We find that the USA is an evil entity aside from the great hypocrisy it is...All that money spent on spying when they could have asked -- why wouldn’t we want to give them information...the corrupt are so corrupt themselves the Government Class and the Terrorist of whom possibly were created by the Government Class like this phony war on drugs that the USA plays both sides.



Carlos Gomez 23.09.2013 17:55

Geez, an I thought all this time it was a Democracy ? An that everything was, should be, and is transparent ? Who changed it, and when, and whom is involved ? Snowden is nothing more than a Patriot, showing the world what has become of the D.C. Insider's and removing any single amount of TRUST we held for them, its the straw that broke the camel's back and they should be held accountable for their action's and dealt with for treason, then handed over to the Hague for further trial's for Crime's against humanity, global trust, and several other severe breaches of trust !


Batson D 19.09.2013 16:59

I'm glad they're clamping down on security, I wouldn't want all the personal information the NSA has acquired while spying on my private internet activities, albeit legal, to get out in the public.


Brad Mead 19.09.2013 00:31

If your an employee of the gubment, well, your a moron. Average IQ below 100.


Andrej Rehak 18.09.2013 23:04

Well it was about time NSA figured out how he did it.... that took them "quite" some time to figure it out that he stole those documents from intranet. They can do whatever measures they want, the leaks were made and it was proven that NSA was doing the spying much more heavily than Soviet KGB could even dream about.... Ronnie see your America has become the "Empire of evil" you talked about that time and pointed to Soviets.


Kevin Nivek 18.09.2013 21:47

And there's no way the NSA compartmentalized their entire worldwide computer system in a couple months time. I'm sure they're working on it, but it's no way complete as they say.


Roland Lawrence 18.09.2013 21:06

The 2 person idea for admins is great. It works for the launching of nuclear missiles, so for accessing a classified network, should be no brainer. The next weak point will be information partners who dont have such a high security policy.


Alex Semiletow 18.09.2013 20:59

They took provisions and put measures in place to avoid their continuing spying from being disclosed... makes sense!

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