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Snowden: American media 'abdicated their role as check to power'

14.08.2013 10:10

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has gone on the offensive against his critics in the US, accusing the mainstream media there of failing their audiences “for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market.”

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Carlos 16.08.2013 10:30

The western media has not only abdicated their role in checking corporate and governmental abuses of power the are complicit in this police state. Why do I say this? Take Snowden's example he provides undeniable evidence that the government has undertaken criminality on a massive scale and the media's response is to make Snowden look like a criminal by branding him a traitor. If any of you feel that he is a traitor then you will do will in the new united fascist states of america. Maybe you can get a job as a camp guard in the New FEMA detention centres they are building for US citizens.


Zina Antoaneta 16.08.2013 04:23

In July 2010 Washington Post ran a series of articles entitled "Top Secret America". White House deplored the series. A team of 12 reporters worked for 2 years on this investigative pieces detailing the new America as a Police State. The militarization of the Police Forces. Even the involvement of the Emergency Medical Services in "Monitoring America", article published on Dec. 20, 2010. So what happened?That's right, NOTHING! In Genn Greenwald's articles one finds links to great pieces written by American reporters. Want more? Sure! But look at Assange, Manning, Snowden - telling the truth to US is a CAPITAL OFFENSE!


WorkTogether 15.08.2013 21:46

If people in the US can't stand up and support Ed Snowden, they must accept that they have become nothing but silent shills of a regime bent on turning America into a police state. MSM employees who in only this last year dared to buck the system to defend honesty and integrity, more often than not were fired. Is America not worth fighting for? Is TRUTH not worth fighting for globally? Why must corporate fat cats, constituting 1% of the global population, steal away the future of the people who elect them to serve with honor and distinction? No Way! Go for it Ed Snowden.


WorkTogether 15.08.2013 21:35

What Ed Snowden is saying here is the absolute truth. Few people today have the moral courage to stand up for what is ethcical, never mind exposing a corrupt system in massive breach of trust to the American nation as a whole. Ed Snowden continues to show courage & he ain't done yet trying to open the eyes of his fellow Americans. Best drivers are always the backseat drivers with no guts. They who run down Ed Snowden are the type of people he mentions here. That is why the US is in such a mess right now. Talk is cheap, but walking it is not for yellow livered comfort zone scary cats standing by as America dies...


Bill 15.08.2013 20:22

We have russia's world-wide arms dealer (not sure what eddie thinks about that) and they have our trash. I'll take that deal any day. Enjoy your life in russia, eddie.


Bill 15.08.2013 20:21

We will build relations on an equal footing with russia when they catch up to the 21st century.


Bill 15.08.2013 20:16

Since when did the US decide it was up to traitor Eddie snowden to decide what is best for the US, best for American. Last I recall this kid dropped out of high school. And now he wants to be the guiding light for America? Drop dead, eddie.


Bradley Mead 15.08.2013 19:49

American news serves only one purpose, to aid and abet corperate greed. The rest is propaganda. We create more terrorists every day than we could ever hope to eliminate.


Jeff 15.08.2013 19:39

I communicate with a lot of people and I have yet to speak with anyone who has suggested Snowden is a traitor, and I certainly do not. I more consider people who support the atrocities committed by the gov on it's people as traitors.

Polls show a majority of Americas support Snowden


Ken 15.08.2013 17:25

Nobody knows media's abject failure better than the media, but the goat ropin' weasels just keep cashing their checks and telling their lies. Or just not telling the truth.

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