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NSA Director Alexander calls Snowden's claim about total wiretapping 'false'

12.06.2013 19:08

The head of the United States National Security Agency defended the dragnet phone surveillance program carried out by his office during a Senate hearing Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill.

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Geoff Bernz 16.01.2014 18:36

I hear news about drone attacks killing innocent mothers, fathers and children regularly. Or, what about US marines burning iraqis? Or, the US drops from top 10 economic freedom ranking.... I could go on and on with examples of the US acting as a terrorist both foreign and domestically. The NSA should be monitoring the US government rather than it's citizens, if there were TRUELY interested in stopping terrorism.

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 23:14

Pathological liar in charge of NSA.. but that's a job requirement.


Timewarp2x 24.06.2013 16:19

They didn't stop the Boston bombings, despite being well aware of the accused suspects. They didn't stop Wall St. from destroying the global economy for their own profit.

The y didn't stop the Wisconsin mosque slayings or the Sandy Hook shootings.

More people die from alcohol-related incidents than from terrorism. Statistically, terror is among the least of our worries in the US.

To turn democracy on it's head like this and to claim it's for our safety is pure nonsense.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 05:30

From the pics- Looks like- "I'm gonna kill dat wascaly wabbit" (Bugs Bunny cartoon)


dbzwolle 17.06.2013 21:50

Ah, don't focus on Alexander too much! He's a little guy, there are 26-levels above him! Most of them compartmentalization , and a rapid deploy force that is about level 13! I wonder if he knows about the other departments above his office, that not even the president or he has Clarence for? Hang on from here the road gets bumpy! As above so below! Hebejebes above and Hebejebes below, and to think his department was crated to watch the Hebejebes, WHAT HAPPENED?

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 19:13

NSA Director Alexander calls Snowden's claim about total wiretapping 'false'.

Then why pursue him?


Tilasmi Frigge 16.06.2013 04:54

Slowly slowly we are shown to be no more than sheep, donkeys or cows. We are the cattle for their consumption. We had a dream of freedom, and it is taken from us with all the right reasoning, and all the nasty results...

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 17:33

No one believes the NSA - blah blah blah. You have no credibility.

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 09:42

How can they be false? When they are Passing LAWS to facilitate removal of American Rights. Duh!

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 13:56

Snowden's claims are false in this since. I know because I work for the NSA. This is not Hollywood.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 11:50

General PUPPET Keith Alexander has to debunk this topic otherwise their fear is we wont obey anymore

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 11:21

If Snowdens claims are false then why worry about catching him if there denying his creditablilty?

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:50

When all is said and done, the liars in DC will be in jail and Bubba will have his fun. Soon too.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 00:52

Loose the capability to steal the world blind?

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 23:52

Can not work as Head of any of these Departments unless trained as a liar to cover up or ask for $

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 22:45

The confusion is caused by people, such as Alexander, who are also CIA/MI6 agents and lie for Queen

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 22:42

'Part of CIA FBI NSA training is the use of crafty lies'

Wrong . Only MI6/CIA are professional liars

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