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Uncontrolled by FISA court, NSA commits 'thousands of privacy violations per year'

16.08.2013 03:41

The National Security Agency broke the law and ignored privacy protections thousands of times in each of the years since Congressional leaders expanded the agency’s power in 2008, according to a new report citing documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

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fran7 24.08.2013 11:06

The USA government is out of control so its no surprise its NSA and PRISM are out of control acting against your own constitution and international law and abusing anti terrorist procedures to enslave or imprison innocent people.


Mohamed Al Hashimi 18.08.2013 20:07

Maybe American want to act like the new colonial in the world because most of world countries are independent and protected by United Nation as these countries are members in UN list.


Philip Spicer 17.08.2013 22:52

if we spy on any one we are called a crazy or a stalker what makes the USA NSA or CIA any different it does'nt.


Neily Dennis 17.08.2013 16:49

Nobody knows the Law anymore. Secret Laws being passed by governments which do not feel it is correct to share these Laws with their population.

The interpretations of loosely worded Laws are being abused to the max by all sorts of 3 letter agencies, not just NSA.

These revelations are becoming nothing of a shock or a surprise anymore. The notion of our governments acting for the people are long gone, a myth nowadays.


Helical 16.08.2013 19:10

RT1111 16.08.2013 18:11

What's more laughable, is the fact they tell Americans that the US is the "land of rules & laws"...
Un til a Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Ed Snowden, Julian Assange blow the whistle on their conniving charade.


RT1111 , you might find this video interesting.

...details how our governments are not really what we think they are anymore. In fact, they are nothing more than corporations; not figuratively, but actually corporations...


Carlos 16.08.2013 19:09

I think the outing of the truth which actually implicates those truly behind 9/11 will be the only thing to enrage and wake the American people from their stupor. If this was the Seventies this would have been all over the news with congress asking for the impeachment of Obama. That's how much things have changed in this society. We no longer have investigative journalists we have Teleprompter readers that just repeat the same sound bites every half hour. Our society has been massaged into not caring about anything let only anything to do with real politics.


skeptic 16.08.2013 18:39

That's the thing I think our government is really afraid of. It's not revalations about their spying on us. Americans have become to complacent to do anything about the spying. We've all know about it for a while thanks to the so called conspiracy theory people. We were warned well in advance of this, but most people don't listen. They brand the ones spouting the truth as crazy.
What I think they are really afraid of is the truth about 9/11 coming to light sooner than they planned. I think the public will be dumbfounded and enraged. That's when the oligarcs will bring the "hammer" down. Get ready.


Carlos 16.08.2013 18:18

skeptic 16.08.2013 18:04

Anyone who has been paying attention knows the powers that run this country have been planning this for decades.


I agree with you. The patriot act was rolled out 40 days after 9/11. This was a 363 page document. You tell me that they draft this from scratch in 40 days? Of course not it was prepared before hand and conveniently introduced afterwards. That also raises the question if this was prepared in advance they must have (and I say this conservatively) advanced knowledge of 9/11.


RT1111 16.08.2013 18:11

What's more laughable, is the fact they tell Americans that the US is the "land of rules & laws"...
Un til a Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Ed Snowden, Julian Asange blow the whistle on their conniving charade.


RT1111 16.08.2013 18:05

When they have to use sooo much language to explain what they did or not, you know is all Lip Service. They Lie. ALL Governments do. US is no better than Libya, Egypt, Chile (when it was) or any other dictatorship.
Th is is why Edward Snowden is a HERO!!


skeptic 16.08.2013 18:04

The truly scrary thing is this is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who has been paying attention knows the powers that run this country have been planning this for decades. They have forseen the path that our society is headed down and has been putting into place the apparatus to squash any and every voice of discent.
They have used poverty to put a strangle hold on the masses. They have taken these steps knowing full well the consequences.
If you want a glimpse of what this nation is headed towards, take a look at what goin on in Egypt today. What will we do when they declare marshal law here?


Carlos 16.08.2013 14:48

[quote name='Ari Levin' time='16.08.2013 14:17']The US government is going in one direction but this generation of American youth are going in completely another.

If they are activists then yes I agree with you. However, if they are they ones bought up on a diet of COD, generation kill etc. glorifying American imperialism I would have to say no. American media, games etc. have done much to to reduce critical though and respect for other cultures.


Ari Levin 16.08.2013 14:17

The US government is going in one direction but this generation of American youth are going in completely another. They seek alternatives to the two party US political machine that guarantees Neo-Cons & Zionists stay in power in the US. They are aware of the world around them & are Internet savvy & can get their news from anywhere they want. This break is significant & permanent. They have largely turned off their TV's & turned on their laptops & are accessing the world. There is hope folks & it's squarely with America's youth.


Carlos 16.08.2013 13:22

@ Zina, Total surveillance over its populace is the dream of every government with quite a few working toward that aim. Its a very comfortable feeling believing that its not possible to spy on you in such a manner or that your governments wouldn't do that or if they did it was because there was a good reason! Governments are in the business of knowing what their populations think. How do you think they get elected!!


Ari Levin 16.08.2013 13:17

Zina Saidova 16.08.2013 12:58

In Russia some IT analysts say that what Edward Snowden said are not true and impossible to do. They call him a CLOWN :))


If the IT analysts you refer to actually understood the sheer magnitude of the NSA secret surveillance program PRISM, they might not use such language. Snowden had top security clearance. He had access to everything. He was formerly employed by the CIA. What he discovered altered his views & he felt compelled to blow the whistle on & report as a public servant. A 'clown' is hardly what Edward Snowden is. A hero is a more apt description.


David Acosta 16.08.2013 13:06



Ari Levin 16.08.2013 13:03

This self-policing & internal auditing is a show, complete theater. It's akin to the Freedom of Information Act. If a party writes to the FBI or CIA for information, the agencies can just say no file exists pertaining to that request. There's no independent legal oversight, congressional or otherwise. That is PRECISELY the danger, Americans think they have a democratic government of checks & balances when THERE ARE NO CHECKS AND THERE IS NO BALANCE. This secret govt within the govt has no pomp & circumstance. It is totalitarian in its ideology, paternalistic & loathes anyone or anything seeking to check it's power.

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