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NSA contracted French cyber-firm for hacking help

17.09.2013 14:44

The latest revelation regarding the National Security Agency doesn't come courtesy of Edward Snowden. A Freedom of Information Act request has confirmed the NSA contracted a French company that makes its money by hacking into computers.

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Mike v. W. 05.10.2013 01:00

I feel that the American government of today is comprised mostly out of psychopaths and criminals.

Also the people behind government who are really calling the shots are monsters who are conspiring against the peoples, not only of the U.S. but all over the world including their so called partner the E.U.

People need to fight corporations with their money, be aware of what you spend your money on and to whom it goes.


Carlos Gomez 17.09.2013 22:27

it just gets better n better ! Even after the fallout from the b.s. the S.O. _'s didn't even have the courtesy to keep the spying job's in AMERICA ! Errrr AMERIKA.

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