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NY declares state of emergency due to 'Polar vortex' winter storm

07.01.2014 03:43

NY governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency ahead of a major winter storm triggered by the “polar vortex,” now sweeping into the eastern US. The state could see as much as 36 inches of snow and wind chills as low as 40 degrees below zero.

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Nine 09.01.2014 13:42

2014 greeted us with the Polar vortex. Happy New Year anyone?


Wizard2579 08.01.2014 19:03

People fail to understand basic laws of thermodynamics. Cold Climate DOES NOT EQUAL Cold Weather.
Climate is an average of weather conditions over at least a couple of hundred years, while WEATHER is the IMMEDIATE state of wind, temperature, cloud coverage, and moisture (perhaps there's more precise def, but this is roughly it)...During the ice age, oceans were actually warmer on average, and there was actually less ice on the poles than is now. But I guess it's easier to make an uninformed statement than to read some books, you know, dusty ol' books, not the fancy e-kind and educate yourself.


Alexander 08.01.2014 00:42

it's definitely not quite good with having extremely freezing temperatures. It probably happens as result of pole-switching.


Samuel von Staunton 07.01.2014 18:01

Darwin 07.01.2014 16:34

It is amazing how some paid counter GW activist try to keep honest people in the dark. They deny everything instructed by their masters in the name of short term profit until we all fall off the cliff. It's a shame. Don't they have children? It is the same every year. When winter comes their voices get louder. In summer they keep their mouth shut because of the more obvious affects of GW. Check reports and comments in RT a year ago.


Th ey think that their money will protect their children from the fate they are bringing to all humanity.


Samuel von Staunton 07.01.2014 17:56

Todd Perry 07.01.2014 15:39

How can the poles be warming when the ice is doubling in size?
If I am not mistaken it takes cold to make ice not heat.


It is not; that is false information. Just because the Americans let an industry spokesman say things on TV does not mean those things are correct.


Dirk Mohr 07.01.2014 17:54

i doubt another ice age,its just the bill,and i hope that it stays on your side


Samuel von Staunton 07.01.2014 17:52

william 07.01.2014 16:51

C learly Todd knows NOT what he's talking about! Stay in school Todd, stay in school. Or, go back to school!!!


It sounds like he went to one of the school districts in America where they believe Evolution is a lie and instead teach that "The Flintstones" was historically accurate.


Samuel von Staunton 07.01.2014 17:50

brian david 07.01.2014 17:30

Another ice age is on its way. Prior to the global warming activists assault , scientists were predicting the overdue ice age.


Scientists who are on the payroll of those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, perhaps.

Those with an actual background in science understand that one cannot change the chemical makeup of something without changing its properties; the atmosphere is no exception. Real scientists have argued since the nineteenth century that venting large quantities of gaseous chemicals into the air will have profound consequences.


Samuel von Staunton 07.01.2014 17:32

Chick Key 07.01.2014 17:13

WE hope that the homeless, elderly, incapacitated and other destitute persons are considered during this snowstorm. The homeless, in particular, are extremely vulnerable to frostbite, hypothermia and other related ailments. Perhaps the more wealthier citizens could open their hearts and wallets to those in need.


I agree. Unfortunately the US tends to care little for its destitute, and far too many of the leaders of American society--note, not exclusively government--consider that this storm is a good way to "decrease the surplus population."


brian david 07.01.2014 17:30

Another ice age is on its way. Prior to the global warming activists assault , scientists were predicting the overdue ice age.

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