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New York officials warn of 'absolutely terrifying' meningitis outbreak

07.03.2013 17:23

New York is facing a deadly meningitis outbreak that is targeting gay men, many of which are HIV-positive. The city’s health department said several gay men have been found dead in their homes, and is urging people to immediately get vaccinated.

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Anonymous user 16.04.2013 04:21

God's way of saying...Fantastic!

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 18:46

Amen to this

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 19:28


Anonymous user 26.03.2013 01:55

Use of MSM-(men who have sx with men ) would be a big plus. We need to reach everyone at risk.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 22:47

GBM in Brooklyn are dying from this disease.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 22:46

Some of the comments here are atrocious. People are losing their lives in NYC because of this.


George Querelle 10.03.2013 17:25

Elisa Lam - girl found dead in LA Hotel water tank = LAM Elisa Tuberculosis/HIV test
Us Military personnel Smallpox vaccination Vaccinia Virus Sexually transmited.
Meni ngitis outbreak = Vaccinations = Pentagram can MODIFY behavior thru Vaccinations.
Wh at Plagues they have planned for you.Homosexuals people are once again the SACRIFICIAL victims.
O planned for Universal tagging for drones.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 17:04

This has not been widely known because of limited reporting in main stream media. What else is new!

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 16:20

Remember this, in a few years it will be politically incorrect to say it started with homosexuals.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 15:25

Ben Sanderson got this sickness and gave it to American In Romania in bed one night

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 13:41

a vaccinate only for the HIV-positive men? Sounds like a poorly concealed plan to social cleansing

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 12:03

Ew. That's what u homos get for morally bankrupting my country. Now go make out with some liberals

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 11:08

Smells like another ruthless scam to vaccine poison into people! BEWARE people.

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