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Newspapers urge US government to give clemency to Snowden

02.01.2014 15:51

Two of the most widely-read newspapers on the planet are asking the United States government to give clemency to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, and even a former official from the US State Department says she has to agree.

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Lindy Mae 17.01.2014 01:19

Edward Snowden: American PATRIOT and HERO!

Mr. Snowden, you know what this government has been doing, is doing now and will continue doing without mercy, so I know you're not going to fall for any phony "clemency" lies! After all, you dared to jerk the shade off the window of the stealth government! America now see's what they're doing without our knowledge or permission. Thank you; God keep you safe.


Peter 10.01.2014 00:52

Do I trust this media? Are they questioning the role of the Federal Rerserve?

A re they pretending to be a help US government to trap Snowden?


SilverArrow 09.01.2014 20:12

Please mr Obama, legalise Cannabis in the white house and let everyone in there smoke pot for at least a week while listening to calm Music and eat chocolate, it will change the world to a better Place to be.


fran7 07.01.2014 10:35

Mr Edward Snowden should be made President of USA and his credentials are numerous but the bravery of the man to put himself on the line by revealing a dishonest NSA (which is a colossal drain on finances) and unnecessary aggressive foreign policy (which is an unaccountable drain on public finance) combined with his honesty and obvious intelligence are reason enough.
Yes sir the highest honour is Edward Snowden for USA President


Payson Terhune 03.01.2014 23:28

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have all done Western Civilization a great service by exposing evil deeds, illegal activities and war crimes commited in our name!!!!! They should be given medals, not jail sentences, but considering they probably know a lot more than they've already told, they should regard any offer of clemency with deep suspicion....I just find it so disgusting that those who expose misconduct are punished while those who commited it are protected!!!!!!


Sean 03.01.2014 13:56

"During that same report, however, NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander dismissed that option and said, “I think people have to be held accountable for their actions.”"

So shouldn't you be held accountable for the unconstitutional actions of the NSA Mr. Alexander????? You are the director.

F oolish people in government. Revolution is coming.


fran7 03.01.2014 07:54

Snowden, Manning and Assange are some of the greatest heroes of our time and should be awarded the highest honours that can a country can bestow for revealing the out of control USAs NSA and Military for its corrupt and murderous ambitions global ambitions.
Jesse Ventura's THEY KILLED OUR PRESIDENT reveals the kind of skulduggery and media control that goes on behind the scenes and nothing as changed since JFKs assassination. USA citizens should question Senators about the Billions of dollars of USA governments aggressive foreign policy which is responsible for much of the death and destruction in the World.


William Carson 02.01.2014 23:28

Sorry to say, there are no "calm heads" in our government.


Konrad3 02.01.2014 21:58

One thing we should probably consider>
Sno wden is probably one of the people who know more about the leaks than others do. I'm not saying he's read them all, but I'm guessing that he knows some terrible things about the USA, and as such he probably isn't going to just simply fall for some feeble minded trap.
Also, I'm pretty sure he's already quite smart as it is.


83ny 02.01.2014 21:44

Snowden should stay right where he is. Don't fall for it. It's a trap. Watch 10 pounds of TNT get placed in his dashboard and watch his car blow up on the highway. Sure they'll say its an accident. Don't do it.


Hansel 02.01.2014 21:40

Snowden is a hero and if anything should happen to him, only the US is to blame...


Hansel 02.01.2014 21:38

goedelite 02.01.2014 19:56

The word you used "disinterested& amp;amp; quot; towards the end of the third paragraph is incorrect. You should have used "uninterested&a mp;amp;q uot;. The word "disinterested& amp;amp; quot; means unbiased. The word "uninterested&a mp;amp;q uot; means not interested. I believe you mean not interested.


Th is also depends on which country one comes from....Latin derived languages usually use the word "Desinteresado& quot; for example, to describe not having interest..


Francisco Almeida 02.01.2014 21:18

Chris Creamer 02.01.2014 19:23

This looks like early engineering of bringing home Snowden and avoiding the release of something that will devastate this administration much more than any of the other leaks have.


YES !!! 1000% YES !!!

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