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Obama considers 'limited' military action against Syria

30.08.2013 17:58

President Barack Obama said Friday that he has not yet decided what action, if any, will be taken by the United States military against the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

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Roxy Chick 02.09.2013 08:45

Send obama back to africa he does not belong in america it belongs to the brown man! Middle East come one stand united and blow up israel!


Jonathan Solorio 31.08.2013 21:12

The rebels admitted to the attack.


Commander 31.08.2013 18:42

fernando blau 31.08.2013 17:50

For the time being, the US is not interested in Syria's oil but by launching a strike they hope to conceal the evidence that the Chemical Weapons were used by their own supported foreign resitance groups within Syria.


I think you may be on to something. Washington's aerial bombardment may target some rebel strongholds, just in case some remaining evidence points to anyone, but Assad.

By the way, it's not Syria's oil that interests the west, but rather access for an oil pipeline from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.


Walt Martin 31.08.2013 18:09

adam hochtief 31.08.2013 17:49

J don`t believe that Sirian Gov used war gas against people, us secret forces and agencies created this situation to get purpos to attack, the same situation like in Iraq!, this war is becouse of israel and us business in this area, US and Israel want to make better situation to next big war with Iran


Well said Adam .It's the same type of ploy which Hitler used in '39 Poland to spark WW2 . As for WMD/"gas" , the U.S. use of highly mutagenic Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions as an instrument of genocidal extermination is a holocaustic delight for the Zionists.


adam hochtief 31.08.2013 17:49

J don`t believe that Sirian Gov used war gas against people, us secret forces and agencies created this situation to get purpos to attack, the same situation like in Iraq!, this war is becouse of israel and us business in this area, US and Israel want to make better situation to next big war with Iran


SSD7 31.08.2013 17:23

What resources in Syria are invading nations seeking? Saudis and Qatar need a gas pipeline through Syria to reach Europe. Israel needs water & Syria's oil. A newly discovered Levant oil / gas basin in Syria holds oil the size of Saudi Arabia's. Lebanon also had Levant oil. Israel / USA need to bring down Lebanon & Syria first, in order to later attack Iran. Attacking/conquering China and Russia is the USA/UK/Israel's ultimate "New World Order" goal.


miscom 2008 31.08.2013 17:16

US and its partner is actually a puppet of Israel . Sadly the US citizen is the one who will be sacrificed. The Master just issue the command to war and sit in the living room watch the TV. The US citizen will take the burden , pay the price . sacrifice their beloved son , suffer the terror attacked as a payment of the terror have been done by the Gang . The US citizen must work actively together to kick these gang out of the US IF they like the war. Ask them to send their own sons, family etc. used their own money to support the war.


SSD7 31.08.2013 17:11

Obama quotes: "No boots on the ground" means we don't care about injuring Syrians, as long as our soldiers don't get hurt. "A limited surgical strike" means the USA will disable Syria's military weapons so it can't defend itself against Al-Qaeda terrorists (who were supplied w chem weapons by the USA / Israel). USA / Israel's goal: regime change and looting of Syria's resources.


miscom 2008 31.08.2013 17:08

If Syria is to be punished if (only if Assad used the chemical weapon . then US must be punished first as they support Iraq use chemical weapon on Iran.


MonsantoGoingDown 31.08.2013 16:32

I say go balls out - total nuke - so we can usher in the new world order with Barack Obama as supreme high commander of the world, Lord Rothschild as supreme financial minister and Queen Beatrix (or perhaps Lady Gaga) as supreme culture minister. A nuclear war will also help with depopulation of the planet as well. Sovereign nations are passe - it's time for a one world government - Rothschild style!


King Wen 31.08.2013 16:11

This farking n-word (N is for Nazi) AHSO is sofa king wetoddit its unf'king believable, IMO. Hah-vid legal scholar w No Bell Pissss Prize.

"Come with me, little girl, here's a lollipop! I'm Santa Claus, and I'm going to be your very special President!"


Commander 31.08.2013 15:43

Barack Obama, the young man who fought for social justice in Chicago, is going to rain terror down from the sky over Syria.

This young politician once stood up against the corporate-military system in the United States, but now he's being controlled by it.


R Vass 31.08.2013 15:15

Why Limited ??!! If you are so sure that they have broken the rules then go with full force and get Assad out isn't this what everyone wanted???? No, the answer is that the "Rebels" are disarrayed and mixed with extremists and you only want to help them to get back on their feet. BUT didn't you create a meat grinder called Syria to send the extremists there to be killed along with Al-Qaeda ? suppose the rebels win the war do you really think that the Rebels will let FSA to control the country ? how naiive you are! you all made a mess that no one can get out of it.


Ken 31.08.2013 14:44

It's still an unlawful act, a crime against humanity, and just more proof that Obama is a bloody minded twit. Do we need regime change in the US more than any place upon the planet? Hmmm. Something to think about, huh?


Lillie Herold 31.08.2013 14:11

To Mr. Putin, I want the word to engage in WWIII-TRULY. Then and only then will the American People (what's left) will not tolerate any elected official to utter the words "Military Action" There needs to be a counter balance against the U.S. Mr. Putin, you and your country for too long have stood by and let U.S. and Israel control the world. If continued Mr. Putin, even your country will not be safe. Nato has already surrounded your country. Your are in a trap, and need to break out. That's my opinion!


Lillie Herold 31.08.2013 13:48

Mr. President, you need to bannish all those women who always avocate going to war...Susan Rice for example. She and Sec. Clinton both made public staments about war actions against Lybia. Now tell me, what does that country looks like now? The people in your Administration are there to serve themselves and not you President Obama. Please, Please develope some backbone before it's too late and your Presidency becomes the laughing stock for all time.


Lillie Herold 31.08.2013 13:43

President Obama, I have been one of your strongest supporters, defending you on every occasion. I can no longer support you with your action against Syria. I agree with SS-Oberstgruppenfuhe r on one point and one only. You have stacked your Admin. with "dimwits and Mediocre Advisers" who knows nothing of fgn policy. They make policy decisions without consulting with you as did Sec. Kerry with his press conference where all but said we would bomb Syria.

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