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Obama: No sense of motive in Boston Marathon bombing

16.04.2013 15:36

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation is handling the bombings at the Boston Marathon as an act of terror but a clear motive has yet to be established.

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Anonymous user 25.04.2013 02:58

Bilderberger's agenda Obama works for them. US JOINED the "Single Market", EU to you and I, 30/4/07

Anonymous user 19.04.2013 22:38

Obama is a douche. No motive? Being a crazy Muslim is enough motive. Gas them all

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 16:30

AIPAC’s David Sirota hopes bomber is White so Jews can launch more attacks on Euro-Americans.

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 03:18

In wake of Boston Bombing, Obama’s bros loot Hyde Park, Mattapan and Dorchester.

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 01:28

What does the Vesica Piscus have in common with the square root of the number 3.
Its worth 34 points

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 22:09

for them to reveal the futility and senselessness of their NWO plans so succinctly is...interesting

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 17:45

Could this be a Trapwire test?

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 07:28

Watch him point the finger at Constitutionalists: the only citizens protecting the nation's honor.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 05:30

increased security, phone wiretapping, internet control, legislation/power grab = possible motives

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 02:43

Brzezinski confirms that the US can organize attacks in their own territory... Osama or Obama...

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 02:30

The U.S. was warned; RT has a record, "Wonder Movers" fraud allows them; 3rd party anywhere in U.S.!

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