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Still not the ‘red line’: Obama edges away from ‘difficult, costly’ Syrian ‘mire’

23.08.2013 16:35

Barack Obama has cautioned against US entry into the Syrian conflict, even though American intelligence believes the regime was likely behind a deadly chemical attack earlier this week. Previously, the president said chemical warfare was a ‘red line’.

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Tyrant 28.08.2013 17:49

“What I think the American people… expect me to do as president is to think through what we do from the perspective of, what is in our long-term national interests?”

Actually Obama, what the American people WANT you to do is to re-evaluate our long-term national interests. We are tired of having a government that doesn't represent us or listen to it's constituents. We are tired of SuperPACs, greedy bankers, puppet politicians, foreign policies centered around war, conniving corporations sacrificing domestic workers for outsourcing and H1-B visas.

And we are tired of a system that caters to all of this.


jmm 27.08.2013 02:04

I truly feel for the people of Syria but I believe getting involved will simply make matters worse. Within months of the Iraqi invasion, both Sunnis and Shia were demanding us to leave? Why? Because war makes people into monsters on all sides. We had to become Saddam to get Saddam so what difference did it make?


WorkTogether 26.08.2013 19:47

Methinks he speaks with forked tongue of the Devil... Depends on which side of his mouth he's salivating the most... Russia please don't trust the US administration! Not even for a moment! NSA continues to spy.... Speak out in the open not inside buildings & beware of those evil unmanned monsters in the sky!


Doug Schneider 26.08.2013 12:23

This has prevented international amnesty for the people of Syria. People like you make it sound like Bush isn't a criminal and then expect the Dems to clean up all the messes that GOP war pigs create. Its not a coincidence that the two CIA relevations from the past were war crimes by GOP hawks and they are the root of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the almost inevitable war with Iran. You are complicite if you pretend to equate Republican hawks with Obama or any other Dems. You are adding to the injustice of war crimes.


Doug Schneider 26.08.2013 12:22

@Josh Its funny you mention Bush, because he is behind this war. Bush drew up plans to take over Iran and Syria after Iraq with a delusional justification having to do with 9/11. Russia and everyone but the American people know this was an imperial attemt at world domination. Now Russa can't trust us. Even if they trust Obama, they know we're stupid enough to elect a GOP President someday. They have no confdence we are not trying to dishonor the peace we made to end the Cold War, and need to block the US from doing what it pleases in the Middle East


Josh 26.08.2013 09:55

America and its Coalition of the Killing wants war with Syria. Just like Bush and Iraq, Obama is just a clone of his predecessor.


fran7 26.08.2013 07:30

what a cheek the USA have with their war ships in the peaceful Mediterranean and threatening Syria with deadly missile strikes. Russia and China have pushed for a peaceful settlement for over 2 years and asked for UN inspectors to investigate the real perpetrators of deaths of innocent Syrian people. The evidence so far is that the USA cannibal rebels are using poison gas to kill people and trying to blame the legitimate Assad government. The USA warmongering bullies are using aggressive propaganda against Mr Assad and using tactics similar to the lies of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in Iraq courtesy of Bush and Blair


Salvatore Vitale 25.08.2013 16:24

What kind of monster's would do this to try to drag the U.S. in to Syria, for what? to try to remove the Russian presence in the region ? for a pipeline across the region ? or a jump off point agents Iran, or all of the above. it surly not humanitarian.


Robert Michael Balloid 25.08.2013 10:22

Putin is showing the world his competence and statesmanship. Mr. Barak is showing the world just how stupid he really is. Putin should school him, Obama is clearly lost and confused.


PJ 24.08.2013 09:14

Zorro 24.08.2013 00:35

[quote name='PJ' time='23.08.2013 22:17']I don't believe that Syria has anything of value, just a load of arabs, so why would the US be interested in getting involved? Only to snub Iran perhaps.

.[ /quote]

Syr ia has Syrians you fool. Now go to bed, the adults are talking.


Of course! That must be it! Why did I not see it before? Probably do need the sleep...


fran7 24.08.2013 06:34

USA backed Mossad death squads are helping cannibal rebels in effort to bring down legitimate government of Syria to further Israels expansion of Palestine.


Autonomous 24.08.2013 04:40

The US war chest has been depleted after decades-long looting and adventurism. With the US military facing sequestration budget cuts there's even less funds to go around especially for expensive items like cruise missiles.


Oroku Saki 24.08.2013 00:35

Why is he backing down after new proof that ASSAD is using chemical weapons? Afraid of China and Russia? HAHAHA. You should be.

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