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Obama's 'independent' NSA review board staffed with administration insiders

23.09.2013 15:11

President Barack Obama said in August that an independent panel will review the United States’ surveillance capabilities in the wake of damaging NSA leaks. One month later, though, that group’s game plan is being called into question.

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Charles Hayes 31.10.2013 02:37

Why do I think if the NSA spied on Israel -- Netanyahu would put em all under arrest including Obama ..Perhaps lol


Common Sense 26.09.2013 23:09

I am only trying to help because I see the blind admiration many people on this site have for Putin when he has rolled back many freedoms and civil liberties in Russia.

It is no matter though it is hard to believe an anonomous poster on the internet when you have been led to believe differently for most of your life. Perhaps you have have the opportunity to put a face to my words when my work in Russia begins.


Common Sense 26.09.2013 23:06

I am well aware of the corporate influence in US politics which is why I am fighting for split- funded funded elections in which a capped amount can be raised by private funders.

An d you are free to speak as you wish as I have no power to stop you and even if you did I would not wish to you. I am saying your opinion has no validity with me unless you provide evidence.

Y ou act like this is some sort of battle, when I am a friend to the Russian people and the people of every country for that matter.


Squandered Liberty 26.09.2013 13:45

And don't ask me to provide you with evidence as if this is some kind of a legal dispute, I'm expressing an opinion.

It's called freedom of speech, if you're a citizen of the US, I don't expect you to understand.


Squandered Liberty 26.09.2013 13:43

@Common Sense

My dear friend, your defence of your country is admirable, but you're either ignorant or completely deluded to try and convince anyone with a shred of reality about them that there is a bigger player with their hand in corporate controlled policy, law and legislation, an administration that has been and is so influenced by an illegal state that their own constitution (which is a beautiful piece of human rights literature may I say) has been spat on by your so-called leaders.

America is an idea, a fantastic one. But at the moment it's a joke.

And you sir, are part of that joke.


Common Sense 25.09.2013 17:03

@ Squandered Liberty

Rai ling on the US using your opinions may get you some credit with a comment section on RT, but honestly it means nothing without any facts to back yourself up.


Common Sense 25.09.2013 17:01

@ Squandered Liberty
May I ask where you are from?

In response to your accusations, I ask you to look at the international sources that I have listed so you can see for yourself the US is certainly not the worst country in terms of corruption and civil liberties. If you can provide reliable unbiased sources that say otherwise I would be glad to take a look.

And genocide? Really? Explain.


Squandered Liberty 25.09.2013 15:48

@Common Sense
No country is perfect, that's just, excuse me, Common Sense.

The fact of the matter is though that no other country is so openly arrogant with their corruption, violation of international law, violation of civil liberty, inhumanly fuelled agendas, destabilization and downright genocide. The list could go on for weeks.

People are willing to accept and turn their backs on a certain amount of greed, especially in a capitalistic world in which we too adore our luxuries, but the US has taken it to a whole other immoral level.


Common Sense 24.09.2013 14:52

@ Zina
As I said before the US is certainly not perfect and I am one of many who are working to try to improve our liberties here. But I also understand that many countries such as Russia are far worse in terms of personal freedoms and I want all of you to understand the reality of the situation in your country so you can improve it.

The people of the world must unite and improve the freedoms of all people.

Fee l free to ask me for more information.


Common Sense 24.09.2013 14:45

@ Zina I am in fact an American though I am certainly not the poster "Logical American".

First off, I am whole heartedly anti-war in almost every occasion, but the wars we fight are are based on wide variety of reasons, many of which are worse that trying to spread democracy which is actually in my opinion a noble pursuit (though spreading it forcefully is certainly not).

Secon d, survailance and censorship is much more prominant in russia according to a variety fo international organizations.

Please look at the international sources I provided before to see for yourself. I honestly just want to help you.


Zina Antoaneta 24.09.2013 10:38

[quote name='Common Sense' time='23.09.2)

It is also somewhat ironic that Russians get upset about the NSA as Russian spy agencies are likely more involved.[/quote].
--------------- -------------------- ---Common Sense, you remind me of Logical American. The Russian spy agencies might be as involved or more (hard to believe though!) than the US counterparts. However, we don't see Russia carrying on with wars to spread democracy around the world, do we?


Peter Jennings 23.09.2013 22:33

What Obomber really means is that he tasking his mates and sycophants to find out how come the beans were spilt for the whole world to see. They will be updating their systems and then it's business as usual.


Common Sense 23.09.2013 20:56

I made an account just to try to get past Russian Censorship and get to any of the Russian people who RT. Many of you have to led to believe the US is evil. While the US is by no means perfect, we have significantly more freedoms than you do in Russia.

But please don't believe me, read articles from international organizations like Amnesty International, HRW, Freedom House, and Reporters Without Borders.

It is also somewhat ironic that Russians get upset about the NSA as Russian spy agencies are likely more involved.


Carlos Gomez 23.09.2013 20:44

As for Obama being a Wimp ? No not at all, he's just as calculating as ANY other leadership administration's in the past that work both sides of the aisle for cronyism agenda's.
Hey anyone notice gas is falling in price like a meteor ??? An over half of the country's in the mid-east are at war or economic failures to pump oil ??? So did the price reflect that they are trying to cover up the scandal by more people going away on vacation's so they don't get any new's ???? Get the app from RT for your mobile phone or your computer for each new update ! Thanks RT, we Love you!


Carlos Gomez 23.09.2013 20:00

Sorry, Carlos Martinelli, its been eroding since the 50's when we warned that Military- Industrial would have broad power's that need to be monitored an they sorta were. But then after 9-11 that is still very Dubious in character, the created "Patriot Act" gave them FAR REACHING Broader Power's that "cannot" be monitored an Power unchecked is Power Corrupt. Like throwing a match on a gasoline fire and some fool telling you, "Don't worry, it really doesn't burn that much!" So, why we were all busy being the mindful citizen and forced to work our butt off due to stress they created, they went into the "tinkering" ; mode.


Brad Mead 23.09.2013 18:19

Obama is a wimp, exposed as such in a recent TV documentary on his life. Again, he's just a figurehead with no real gumption to stand up for the people. He goes upstairs and hides.

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