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Obama joins critics of Obamacare site

21.10.2013 15:50

As the Affordable Care Act continues to suffer from serious technical issues, its troubled rollout has managed to enlist another frustrated critic: President Barack Obama.

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Steve Manwaring 26.10.2013 21:18

say, who's the idiot that was put in charge of this rollout anyway? Who's the idiot who put that idiot in charge?


sandra 22.10.2013 03:52

Impeach Obummer.


Mike Littlefield 21.10.2013 19:20

Unhook the NSA recorders and it will probably work just fine.


Gary Levy 21.10.2013 17:12

Rofl, why don't he ask the people they ripped the site from?


Jonathon Loomis 21.10.2013 16:56

Most tech-savvy administration my backside

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