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Obama to support Internet wiretapping program

08.05.2013 14:17

United States President Barack Obama is likely to endorse a Federal Bureau of Investigation effort that would ensure all Internet companies in the US provide a way for the government to conduct undetected, backdoor surveillance.

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Anonymous user 09.05.2013 07:36

The people doing the acts of violence are doing them physically.

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 06:41

Anyone that thinks the boston attack was a red flag should go to boston and visit the wounded .

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 04:59

These things must stop. Big brother is using dire circumstances to change the playing field. VeryBad

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 04:21

Terrorists run our country(U.S.A.) just to warn all.

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 04:20

The republic will rise again.

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 04:16

I disagree with Mr. Schmidt. We understand WELL that both are also an individual's responsibility!

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 04:08

No surprise the Fuehrer would use the False Flag event as justification for Internet control.

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 03:08

An empire's desperate preparation for self preservation. They want ability to spy on the citizenry.

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 02:45

Padmé: So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause. from Star Wars

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 02:40

Americans say the rest of the world hates their freedom. Rolling on the floor laughing.

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