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Unidentified people shoot at three Slavyansk checkpoints – reports

Obama speaks to Iran's Rouhani, believes resolution of nuclear issues is possible

27.09.2013 19:39

For the first time in more than 30 years the President of the United States has spoken with Iran's leadership. Barack Obama announced he believes the two sides can reach a deal regarding the future of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

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Ajax Lessome 01.10.2013 01:54

I am all for constructive dialogue with Iran, but dialogue should be predicated on clear understandings of what the end game should be. In the case of Iran, that end game should be the abandonment of nuclear weapons. Rouhani is a master of nuclear deception whose strategy is to get sanctions lifted while achieving the nuclear weapons goal to which he, Khamenei, and the rest of Iran’s Revolutionary elite have been committed to for decades.


ricardo 30.09.2013 15:33

What is this overnight SHIFT in the diplomacy level but an infusion of Light?,....the battle is between the Dark and The Light Forces and of course The Light all-ways will prevail; from now on we are start to witnessing the most astonishing Consciousness shift ever.
Thanks God , the time is HERE>Love!


Divided States Of America 29.09.2013 09:13

So Obama just needs to stop listening to Netanyahoo's warmongering and hysteria creation and he might actually prove to the world he has that ability to work for peace.
The only thing Barry has proven to the world so far is that he is a complete fascist.

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