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Obama on Iran: We won't take military option off the table

30.09.2013 15:38

The US “won’t take any options off the table, including military action" to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, President Barack Obama has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Maria Vallejo 21.02.2014 03:31



Marx 09.11.2013 07:03

Don't trust the American war criminal government. The military option is ALWAYS be one of the first options on the table for ANY non pro-US country. Stay viligint men. The US expansionist empire never sleeps.


Peter Craig 06.10.2013 15:07

Military option-what a joke. The prez is not a fighter- he is a destroyer of America. Dont beleive a thing this porch monkey says. Chuck Norris was right when he said we are in for a thousand years of darkness. I would feel better if Bob Beckel was prez! Oops, hes white, so I guess that means Im a racist.


Ajax Lessome 03.10.2013 00:24

As long as Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapons capability, build longer-range ballistic missiles, sponsor terrorism around the world and abuse human rights, the US should impose pressure on Iran to give diplomacy a chance to succeed. Regarding human rights, Rouhani can start by immediately releasing the 7 hostages taken in the Ashraf massacre. This is a great crime against humanity that should not go unheeded in silence and inaction


SSD7 01.10.2013 22:17

According to Netanyahu, “Iran is committed to Israel’s destruction.” Israel says the “ultimate test of a future agreement with Iran” is that Tehran fully dismantles its military nuclear program. - - Turn this around: Israel is committed to Iran's destruction and to dismantling Iran's military. So, Netanyahu, why is what's good for the goose not good for the gander?


Ed Camilo 01.10.2013 12:37

The US is mad at Iran because Iran no longer lets the US steal its riches . It is that simple


Ed Camilo 01.10.2013 12:34

America's policy towards Iran is pushing Iran towards the East , to the detriment of the West. The big loser is America; because, Iran, rich as it is and with all those natural resources, will always find other and more reliable partners. The relationships between Iran and the US can be summarized as a thieve who got mad because the victim caught and stopped him!


TheAnchorMan 01.10.2013 09:13

Nuclear weapons grant you a spot in the "Untouchable Nations" club. Iran knows this. The US knows this. You know this. I know this. The NSA guys reading this knows this. My pet rock knows this. And who wouldn't want to be in the Big Boys Club?


Batson D 01.10.2013 08:39

Big deal, for American the Military Option is on the table for every country on earth.


anonymous anon 01.10.2013 06:52

Ha ha Obama said iran needs to show actions not just words hypocrite all the lies for change closed gitmo bring home the troops oh & promise to get rid of lobbyists in Washington! Fix your problems at home boy as for nuttyyahoo just shut up stop your foul rubbish your jewish criminal network sit on every key sit of policy decisions in U.S government its just a matter of time for the rest of ignorant Americans to find out! then will see if you talk tuff!


JailBanksters 01.10.2013 05:29

Obama : My boss, Netyahoo won't let me take the Military option off the Table.

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