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Obama not ready for negotiations with Republicans until end of govt shutdown

08.10.2013 16:19

President Barack Obama told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that he will discuss the future of his Affordable Care Act with Republican opponents in the House of Representatives only once Congress re-opens the United States government.

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Stephen 29.10.2013 00:15

You know, i never noticed this until i had to do an informative essay and include a works cited, where the heck is the author located for these articles?! I could be completely missing it.


Freesaxon 10.10.2013 09:50

A great deal of rhetoric, but at the end of the day something has to be done about debt, quite simply printing more money endlessly invites a monumental collapse. A simpler lifestyle, with lower material expectations isn’t promoted as it would affect cash flow $$ ££ into the pockets of our masters.


Chris Riley 10.10.2013 06:43

so he is actually saying give me our money then he will talk to us. Sorry, give us a reason to give you our money.


Samuel von Staunton 09.10.2013 21:54

RYBY 09.10.2013 18:19

Wha t is there to argue here? Obamacare will destroy this country. . . This country is going into a recession no matter what. Your just delaying the inevitable!!


Th e ACA, despite its grievous shortcomings, will not destroy the United States. The American economic catastrophe was brought about by decades of overspending on a militaristic and interventionist foreign policy and an overzealous security policy, compounded by massive tax cuts for the richest 200 families. Until these problems are rectified the United States will continue to erode itself from within.


Samuel von Staunton 09.10.2013 21:46

RYBY 09.10.2013 18:19

I' m a immigrant and business owner and I understand more about this country then 99% of you. Which is disturbing on so many levels!


You say you are an immigrant, yet you address all Americans as "You," not as "my countrymen." Are you an immigrant or not?


Samuel von Staunton 09.10.2013 21:29

NSA 09.10.2013 16:30

A national health scheme is great thing, it's a win win for both the people and the economy. People are able to access affordable health care. . .


I t certainly is and I would love to see Americans become the beneficiaries of such a system. But the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, does not establish one. It instead forces every person in the United States to do business with corporations which profit by denying--not providing--medical care.


Delete This Comment 09.10.2013 16:43

Obama should mint 100 of his $1 Trillion Dollar (Obama Coins)
and then he can spend another $100 Trillion Dollars on whatever he want's to, debt-free and tax-free.

H e can fund thousands of green companies who will take his money and then go bankrupt after producing nothing of value.

I'm sure Obama has a good speech prepared for China when he explains why he defaulted on their interest payments, over his unworkable health care catastrophe.


NSA 09.10.2013 16:30

Republican continuously lie to the American people.
A national health scheme is great thing, it's a win win for both the people and the economy. People are able to access affordable health care. A national Health system is not socialism its a human right. There are large numbers of Americans who don't have health insurance, so very can't afford the medicines they need to live a normal life and get back to work not forgetting children with health needs.
England & Australia both have a national health system wouldn't want the current American health system.


Delete This Comment 09.10.2013 15:25

Obama-Care is too expensive on the margins. It makes health young people pay more when it's mostly older people who need to use it. It also forces small businesses to pay for insurance they can't afford. It is causing people to lose their jobs. Badly designed law.

The myth of "affordable care" is a lie. This is inefficient tax and spend overpriced care that will damage the US medical system.

Bet ter to shut down the government and default NOW rather than slowly destroying the working/ entrepreneurial classes over time with this terrible health-care statute.


Red_Shiraz 09.10.2013 14:27

[quote name='Aryan' time
Sixty comments and all have failed to give you one good reason,why Obamacare is bad.One says,coz is against 8th amendement!.8th amendments of what?US amendments have all been wiped off US constitution when congress introduced NDAA.Another one says its communism and not knowing communism gives free health to all citizens in a republic and not just to 10%.Dear Aryan,If these Americans fail to give you one logical reason immediately why Obamacare is bad,then I am afraid they are all meant to be enslaved and nothing you could say to change them,coz they refused to wise up.

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