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Obama asserts right to strike Syria without congressional approval

04.09.2013 16:21

President Obama stated that “as a commander in chief” he has the right to order a military strike against Syria without congressional approval. However, he said that Capitol Hill support would strengthen the response to the alleged chemical attack.

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Eric Siverson 06.03.2014 23:03

President Obama did go to congress and congress said no . Now I don't think the president has the right to a attack any more . because only congress has the right to declare war . So I think it is safe to assume congress has the right to say no to a attack . Congress is greater than the presidency . Some congressmen received notices from their voters telling them not to attack Syria , I understand the notices were approaching less than 1 for and 99 against . These kind of number represent a clear direction for congressmen . We elected Obama and we elected congress we expect them to work for us .


Eric Siverson 06.03.2014 22:44

I agree with the UN inspectors that said there was a gas attack . Even Russia is not arguing this point . The question is who made the gas attack . I think that is a very important question


fran7 09.09.2013 13:25

Obama is using hysterical hearsay to whip up support for an unjust war on Syria which is already suffering outrageous attacks by the numerous different gangs of terrorist rebels who cannot agree on anything and indeed are fighting amongst themselves for their own greedy gangster agendas. Obama does not have a shred of evidence which would stand scrutiny in a court of Law."Hearsay&qu ot; and "He who Shouts Loudest" is not the way to govern a country such as the USA and again would be kicked out of any Law court. Israel has a nuclear arsenal and legitimately elected Mr Morsi ousted in a coup by USA aided Egyptian army. ?????


Appleslicesr 06.09.2013 21:47

Impeachment should be on the board if he makes an attack. Same for any congressman who supports his decision

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