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US Senate delays Syria strike vote over Russian 'chemical handover' proposal

09.09.2013 22:12

President Obama is willing to “absolutely” put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia’s proposal to hand over control of the country’s chemical weapons to the international community.

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Crystal Stewart 15.09.2013 09:11

Putin is patient, calm, a real leader. He should visit American's and the usa. He is the superstar on Time Magazine next week. He is an excellent writer and a genius.


Greg DeKooters 11.09.2013 12:06

America should persuade its allies: Israel and Egypt to sign the International Convention on Chemical Weapons. Both countries possess stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons. The other remaining hold out pariah nations are: South Sudan, North Korea, Myanmar and Angola. Israel has also refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.


Veritas 11.09.2013 04:11

When millions of Syrians are displaced and are refugees in neighboring countries, when rebels loot people and fight against the government, when hundreds of Syrians including children are gassed to death, and millions of kids lose the opportunity to go to school... It is time to fix Syria, even by using force.


El Hombre 10.09.2013 18:12

A vote will be taken as soon as Putin gives permission. LOL!

Who ever thought we would look to the KGB for int'l leadership?


Islaamic Proof 10.09.2013 18:10

Honestly, I would like to see US terrorists pounding Syrian regime's hypocritical army and crushing them to utter destruction for being responsible for the massacre of 100,000+ innocent civilian lives.

Howe ver, the only reason why US terrorists aren't carrying out any strike on Syria is undeniably Russia. They are terrified that Syrian war might switch itself to a different page and face Russia not Syria.


Chrissy Cunningham 10.09.2013 17:16

American's do not want war- the protesting in Washington and surrounding areas are proof enough and Obama needs to consider what the Americans desire and what is best for world peace! But that's not the case, energy is the motivator for this war and America's government should be ashamed of themselves! We don't need a government that is driven by greed! I am an American, ashamed to be one as well.


Rod Lloyd 10.09.2013 16:42

The biggest terrorists are the United Terrorist States of the World run by Obummer and Israel.


Levett Prins 10.09.2013 16:39

The biggest terrorists are the United Terrorist States of the World run by Obummer and Israel.

The re is no proof of any attack as there was NO ATTACK, the whole thing is a very obvious staged set up, (as usual with the States), just so Amerika can grab the gas pipeline and push Russia out, and get at Iran at the same time with their terrorist buddies the Zionist Israelis.


ricardo 10.09.2013 14:38

the move of Rusia to give up the chemical weapons is a life boat for Obama to get him out of the mess he is in, funny but created by himself.....and at the same time sowing seeds for peace, thanks God.... due to through war we don't solve anything, the opposite, we destroy everything and bring pain and death.....the time has come to move forward as a civilized humanity where war and poverty are things of the past. To get peace we need to eradicate poverty and to do that we have to come TOGETHER.....and as Obama said: YES WE CAN!


rais 10.09.2013 14:19

US senate delayed why? To avoid an embarrassment this time again, the whole world was monitoring closely this unfair war in syria perpetrated by obama and his EU FOLLOWERS, I have realized that channel like CNN, BBC doesn't deserve intrnl attention any morebecause of the lies they are spreading reason why they disconnected presstv, who use to show the reality on
The ground, such as Israel involvement, and so on.
Bush put his nation into war with iraq through lies.Obama attempted the same but MR.PUTIN WHO deserves a nobel prize , rescue through his wisdom lives of many that the so called americans admin tried to kill.


zoz 10.09.2013 13:29

With Obama military pressure make the bloodiest dictator submission and give up WMD without even war... this guy deserve a second nobel peace prize and putin to live with dictators in history books...


The plague 10.09.2013 12:45

1962: Oh no! The great continent of Cuba is going to invade my tiny island of the United States.

201 3: Oh no! The CIA mercenaries we are paying ourselves are a threat to human rights, we must intervene to protect peace!

2084 : Oh no! This time it's real, Mars is attacking! We must allocate more funds to our noble military industrial complex.

Hm m....I guess fascist habits die hard.


Enrique 10.09.2013 12:32

This can be the "Chemicalgate&q uot; of Obama if the "evidence" provided by the U.S. is fake. If the proof is not correct, this can lead to the end of Obama and Hollande.


Coup DeGrace 10.09.2013 12:28

Shout it out loud: HOPE ! ! !

After incredible parade in the history of politics, only Hillary barks, I want to assure you, Mr Lavrov and your team, that you are among the greatest heroes of my time.

LAVRO V for Nobel Prize !

Shout it out loud: PEACE ! ! !


Numa Duma 10.09.2013 12:12

Obama is a manchurian impostor zombie taking orders from his kabbalistic zionist controllers. He is dazed and confused as he cant seem to follow the logic of russian chess masters.He is trapped by the greed for power, a faustian dilemma of the absurd. Look at those surrounding him, the nation is cursed He is the stool pigeon staring at its own show, wondering how he is casting a puerile shadow. He is presently a used toilet paper who will soon be flushed down the wastepipe of history. America will never get to vote in another Kenyan for another 1000 years, that is sad and for sure


Edward 10.09.2013 12:03

Changing the subject still does not get rid of that pesky topic where proof of Al Assad's involvement in the chem attack is concerned. Now the slant presented to the readers is... if Al-Assad gov relinquishes control of the chen arsenal THEN we won't attack. The first test of proof still not resolved regardless of the rhetoric.


David Davidson 10.09.2013 12:02

America look really weak now.

Russia have achieved a two pronged victory - successfully came to a solution to the American thirst for blood... but also at the same time Putin must be laughing at how ridiculous he has made America look

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