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US Senate delays Syria strike vote over Russian 'chemical handover' proposal

09.09.2013 22:12

President Obama is willing to “absolutely” put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia’s proposal to hand over control of the country’s chemical weapons to the international community.

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Eduardo Casas 09.09.2013 22:56

At this rate, the US will vanish within 10 years. Most of it (as we have known it) has already vanished in principle.


Ed Camilo 09.09.2013 22:56

Assad should have no illusions about what the imperialists have in storage for him. If he is fooled he will make it easier for the imperialists to get him. Even If Assad gives up the chemical arsenal the US will press on with more demands and eventually there will come the no fly zone and the 'order ' to abandon ship' or flee Syria or else. This is the time for Assad to draw his own red line and like a man stand up and say to the imperialists: Bring it on. If the Imperialists attack the whole Muslim and Arab world will turn around and back him up.


Boorda 09.09.2013 22:54

Obama: "Let's see if we can come up with language that avoids a strike but accomplishes our key goals..."

5 minutes later.. "..we had maintained a credible possibility for a military strike and I don't think now is the time for us to let up on that"

Did no one else catch this contradiction?


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 22:49

@Ed Camilo Yes you are right Russia should maintain a presence in Syria for quite a while. I was so grateful to Pres Obama, but then I read the small print below the article & it made me sneeze! I just never thought a US Gov would be like this, one expects it from 3rd World despots, not from America!!!! What is really going on in the White House. Maybe I should do a psychic reading... ha ha!!


Ed Camilo 09.09.2013 22:48

That's what The US said to Saddam before it killed over a million people in Iraq and displaced 90% of its population! Assad must not blink. he must do like North Korea. The only thing keeping the imperialist /fascists from invading and occupying Syria is the fear of 'fumigation"


tony 09.09.2013 22:46

Funny how the Nobel Peace Price winner could think of this himself. First thing that came to his mind is to start a war.

Thanks to the Russians' swift and smart thinking they shut up Obama quickly before making a total fool out of himself, that was quite a beautiful political chess move.

Now let's see what other lies and tricks the Americans are hiding in order to justify another war in the Middle East


Imraan Shaykh 09.09.2013 22:46

This would be a better solution thn Military Action. America is now itself a under pressure not to target Syria.
The Muslim World & most of Europe do not want ths new War anyway. USA opt out of the Power Race when u r a step ahead !


Ed Camilo 09.09.2013 22:43

Fumigate any terrorist that tries to breach the gates of Damascus or set foot in Syria.


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 22:43

Brilliant!!! Just so hoped he'd come through after Carney Blarney went of pop this afternoon.
Thank you Pres Obama for doing this. It is the right thing. While everyone knows Pres Assad was not such a nice guy before, he has changed & matured. He had nearly lost the country he loves and possibly the allegiance of his people and this changed and made him fight to protect it. That is what the tragedy of war does, it makes people think deeply & deep thoughts make people better people. Give Syria a chance & make America proud. I don't feel angry with you anymore and I am glad because I hate feeling angry with anybody.


Ed Camilo 09.09.2013 22:40

Syria needs total guarantee that neither the rebels or the US will attack before it surrenders or dismantles its chemical arsenal. Also Russian peace keepers should be deployed all over Syria to guarantee peace and stability. and, the reason why Russia should be the guarantor of peace in Syria is because there already exists a Russian base in Syria and Russia has clean hands in that bloody conflict. If it was right for the french to have gone into Mali then it must also be right for the Russians to be deployed in Syria.

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