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Epic fail: just 1 percent of Obamacare requests successfully processed

07.10.2013 17:14

Millions of Americans visited newly launched websites last week to learn more about the benefits offered through the president’s health insurance mandate, but Obamacare is apparently not ready for everyone.

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Sandy Haas 31.10.2013 08:55

Thw whole thing should be scrapped. Anything the Govt. controls cost too much and does not work. Opens doors for more fraud and corruption at the taxpayers expense.


Derek Richard Garcia 19.10.2013 17:58

the servers were set up only for 60 thousand users at the same time the site went down because 1.2 million tried to go to the site at the same time!!!!!!!


Usslibertysurvivor Burnedhimselfwa 07.10.2013 23:14

Please spread the truth. The man who burned himself in DC was a survivor of USS LIBERTY. They know his name and read his written note in his van on the DC parking lot. They planned to keep his identity in secret until after the govt shutdown in fear of an american taxpayers revolt. With Respect to the crew of USS Liberty!


Noah Way 07.10.2013 23:06

Misleading article based on bogus corporate media source. The right is scared to death of the Affordable Care Act, and many people have suddently realized that they have been fleeced not just by insurance companies but also by the politicans that are trying to kill the Afforadable Care Act. Are there problems? Yes. It's only a small step in the right direction, but that in itself makes it a monumental leap.

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