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Too fat to serve: US army gives tons of overweight soldiers the boot

11.12.2012 09:34

Fifteen times more troops were discharged from the US Army this year due to obesity than five years prior. With scores of recruits unfit to serve due to the extra pounds, the country’s top brass have deemed it a national security concern.

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Rick Pritt 16.04.2014 15:05

I served in the Active Duty U.S. Army for 15 straight years and I know for a fact that every Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier realizes that staying lean, trim, physically fit, and able to pass a U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test is just as an important part of their duties as a U.S. Army Soldier as any other part as their duties as an Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier. I cannot speak on the behalf of the U.S. Army Reserves or the U.S. Army National Guard though.


glasnost 11.02.2014 17:27

Bob (unregistered) 12.12.2012 19:56

Now if we could only get rid of the people in washington with lack of brain matter. Of course that means there would be openings in all positions there


That would never happen because everyone would be out of there.


Teo Nesterov 16.01.2014 02:41

This is funny :-)
Soldiers getting fat to the point of getting kicked out?
God bless McDonalds, you stooges!
You become garbage when you enlist to this terrorist organization, but when you come back - you become garbage for the American Govt and society as well.
Fuск you. You terrorists deserve it.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 12:27

Don't blame injuries for getting fat. Exercise how you can, do your physical therapy, and EAT LESS!

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 12:49

They have FATTIES in russia too.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 05:04

Agree with LT @18.01. No one was kicked out "overnight" ;. They showed a trend of obesity over time.

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