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Hundreds of tiny satellites could soon deliver free internet worldwide

21.02.2014 19:37

Developers say they are less than a year away from deploying prototype satellites that could someday soon broadcast free and universal internet all over the globe from high in orbit.

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Kiiro Infactoid 10.06.2014 20:20

Better than an Internet data plan. And aren't our own current internet media being manipulated already? If you NEVER trust the media provided in these things, why not focus on the free entertainment that it could bring? why not focus on your work and study, in which apparently, requires a constant need for it? why not focus on the hobbies you wish to do? most of those hobbies shouldn't cost you a lot, right?
Those things I mentioned might be manipulated, but in the long run, a free net user might prove him/herself that he's living a modest, quiet life compared to the Manipulator, right? dat's d redeeming factor, IMO.


Kofi Yeboah-Agyemang 05.04.2014 16:56

All these grandiose concepts are only adding up to cost without addressing the actual issue of content and how applicable UMTS should become operational and eliminate the dominance of hard ware developers.
The creation of the impression of satellite orbits being responsible for internet transmissions will only be a fluke. This is simply because as you send your signals from the source and your URL is known, the message gores directly, where else will the message pass to reach your so-called satellite which picks its source from the equator, to then send it forward or backward to the destination and vice versa.


Shane Rooney 06.03.2014 10:35

"basic CubeSats could send one-way signals down to earth"

I am sure others have mentioned this already, But this sounds a lot like more censorship.
whoe ver controls what the CubeSat sends down to Earth controls what the people of Earth know.


Paul Hirsh 24.02.2014 15:09

One-way internet is not internet. How long before the MDIF gets bought out by the likes of Fox News? Nothing stays independent for long in the land of the Big Satan.


Tahir Javed 24.02.2014 06:54

The name really says it all: "Media Development Investment Fund". This is purely political so the US can get a foothold in markets closed to its media assault!

Al l the other "cool" details are just whitewash!


Michael Kelligan 24.02.2014 05:44

Joshua 23.02.2014 19:11

They want us all on global internet, controlled by one group.


That is precisely what they want...eventually Google will buy out all the competitors and then you'll have the only internet provider in the world that also owns all the robotics industries as well,then you'll have the newest competitor in the Military Industrial Complex


Joshua 23.02.2014 19:11

They want us all on global internet, controlled by one group.


Wade Crum 23.02.2014 16:27

Now we can tract government officials cheating on their wives and blackmail them to legislate favorably to my own interests.


Paul Vonharnish 23.02.2014 16:06

The FCC is criminally negligent and in collusion with communications corporations like this one.
Electromagn etic radiation from pulsed digital communications is having a devastating effect on ALL biological life forms on this planet. The cellular tower and wi-fi infrastructures cause direct breaks in DNA strands in biological cells, and cause most modern autoimmune disorders. Behavioral disorders like ADHD EMF related. These systems need to be BANNED, and the citizen public informed of the consequences of the technologies that are killing them. Read the 2012 BioInitiative report. It's all there in black and white.


Kolin Evans 23.02.2014 12:51

I'd like to say good luck - here seems to be the flaw - after initial funding the system is free but single directional?

then of course the plan is to gain a customer base and make the system "interconnect&q uot; ?

the flaw in the equation is that no one will use it, at best it will be viewed as corporate advertising wrapped in "news" or "events" as its only single directional i.e its TV. or Radio.

Then the this "reality" set in where will your customers be with no participation ? its the TV dilemma of dropping ratings now..

enter the decade of people creating things themselves.


Harold giddings 23.02.2014 01:23

Amateur radio already has satellties, making them capable of tcp/ip communication isn't hard with todays hardware.

H ow can it be free? Well if they use amateur radio then advertising is illegal. You can't make money with amateur radio service.. period. That's the most likely service that this will run on.

Again we already have satellites, google SO-50 and AO-51 for example. They are not full blown wifi but they are free and open satellites that do work.


Ryan Schneider 22.02.2014 23:04

Miroslav, you are missing the point. If you had read up on North Korea you would know that their internet is restricted, but that does not stop people from modifying their radios to pick up international signals to wake them up to the fact that their regime is a lie. This could free the world! We're talking no more dictators, no more oppression, capitalism for all, and a constitution in every country. World peace could be a reality. This is Nobel Prize winning material and anyone who disagrees is themselves a tyrant. It is not telling people what to think, but offering them access to internet to do research themselves


Freaky 22.02.2014 20:54

I would never use it. Thinking about it it must be suspicious. Who in the world delivers free internet in a society where every action or question must be paid.
I will still use my paid internet account


Vernon Huffman 22.02.2014 19:58

Hope this project is building upon the Teledesic concept of networked low earth orbit satellites. Reducing launch costs was the stumbling block for that project. Smaller satellites mirved on shared rockets might work.

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