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Accidentally deployed parachute sucks soldier out of plane (VIDEO)

Published time: May 09, 2013 17:16
Edited time: May 09, 2013 19:54

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on May 8, 2013 by user@damnwhyyousosad

Download video (4.15 MB)

A United States soldier was onboard a military plane recently when he unexpectedly embarked on what is likely to be his most memorable adventure ever — and it was caught on film.

An unidentified US paratrooper was preparing to jump from what is believed to be a C-130 Hercules military transport plane when his rip cord was caught on the launching ramp, triggering the release of the soldier’s reserve parachute.

In a split second, the paratrooper was sucked from the plane and propelled into the sky where he eventually landed safe and sound - around 30 miles from the intended drop spot.

A representative for the Fifth Special Forces Group, a highly-decorated special operations unit within the Army, confirmed the authenticity of the video to MSN and said the soldier was uninjured, even after being spontaneously sent to drift down to earth.

According to MSN, the Army rep declined to identify when the footage was recorded but did confirm it was filmed recently.

Comments (15)

Anonymous user 11.05.2013 01:00

0 to 150MPH in the wake of his breakfast


Lance Butler 11.05.2013 00:41

Amen GOD above!

Anonymous user 11.05.2013 00:26

Love that video. Can't watch it enough times. US troops think they're royalty or something.

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