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School district seeks to force out two newly homeless students

17.12.2013 00:39

A state judge needed to intervene in order to stop a Pennsylvania school district from expelling two homeless students who, despite spending their lives in the school district, were found to be living outside the school’s zoning area.

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Lura 19.12.2013 02:18

So there is no free education in PA? Article says kids do not qualify for free meals, so do not qualify for free education? Isn't this America where children are required to go to school in a public school system?


Heather Denny 18.12.2013 02:01

These children are protected by Title X of NCLB also known as the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Act. They have the right to remain in their school of origin and the district in which they live and the district in which they are enrolled are required to provide transportation to these children. It's federal law.


Timothy Holt 17.12.2013 16:57

They are homeless now and not paying property taxes to the districts coffers, so the kids get screwed. It is of course just fine to charge propety taxes to people who don't even have kids in school. Prehaps we should examine things on a case by case and decide what is best according to moral principle as opposed to dogmatic adherence to rules and regulations.


Konrad3 17.12.2013 12:23

Hatchet Jack 17.12.2013 05:36

Wow, what a great brainfart the district had. I mean of course it makes eminently perfect sense to toss these homeless kids out in the middle of the school year.
I was going to write something sarcastic but the sheer ignorance and deliberate stupidity of this just makes me too angry. This type of thinking leads me to believe there is just no hope left for this country.


At least you guys have laws that are protecting them.


Caniac Steve Henderson 17.12.2013 11:21

if it wasn't for the millions of illegals and thier children...that may nort have been an issue there or elsewhere nationwide


Kimberlee 17.12.2013 06:14

Susinko 17.12.2013 05:48

It's may sound cruel but the school system is desperate to save money any way it can with all the budget cuts it continuously receives. .


Umm, they are saving money currently by hiring uneducated (teach for America Teachers), who go through a 5 week training program w/ no student teacher postion and than get a class. They save money by lowering standereds and avoiding extra help for kids who need it. Lets see, oh they save money w/ books that have 1/4 of the info.....I could go on, but the box wont let me


Susinko 17.12.2013 05:48

It sounds like the school district was trying to save money by reassigning these students to schools that are closer to them. By having buses that bring children to closer schools pick them up, they can save money by not diverting the bus that brings them to their regular school that is further away.

It's may sound cruel but the school system is desperate to save money any way it can with all the budget cuts it continuously receives. We literally need to think of the children. All the children and not just these two.

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