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Pentagon: Cyber attacks are an act of war

31.05.2011 19:11

The Pentagon has decided that computer-based attacks and hacking from a foreign country can now be considered acts of war.

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dbzwolle 20.05.2013 18:24

C-Mon anything that crosses our shores can be considered an Act Of War! America is like the 1000 lb gorilla in the room being threatened with a banana! So, we go pound the SH_T out of them! I consider Cyber Crime of a State Nature an act of Espionage! Basically, there after info, just like a spy would be! We need to stop spies with spies, not bombs! Just like a spy, if they get caught they shut something off! We have the Greatest Minds in the world, and our KIDS have the GREATEST EDUCATION FED-MONEY CAN BUY! if they would just put our KIDS to work!!!! I think we can overcome this easily???

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