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Pentagon considers cancelling F-35 program, leaked documents suggest

02.08.2013 15:51

Leaked documents from a Pentagon budget review suggest that the agency is tired of its costly F-35 fighter jets, and has thoughts about cancelling the $391.2 billion program that has already expanded into 10 foreign countries.

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Dave Schmidt 25.04.2014 14:31

Someone somewhere in the Pentagon has a modicum of common sense. What an uncommon commodity. But perhaps the fat lady hasn't sung yet. From what I've read the F-35 cannot do anything (emphasis) well and somethings it just flat-out cannot do. I won't even go into the hare-brained suggestion to replace the A-10 with this piece of unproven, incapable of close air support junk. There are senior officers (and civilians) that should be 'encouraged' to retire for derelection of duty.


John Smith 09.03.2014 05:18

Thank you tax payers. We've just flushed billions of your hard earned cash down the toilet. But please do keep paying up so we can keep giving it to corporations for bonuses for CEO's and shareholders' pockets. And, of course, our next project for our military industrial complex. What's that you say? You want education and healthcare? Infrastructure? A living wage? Tut tut! Really! Don't get ideas above your station.


Regula 08.01.2014 13:57

All services get cut in the US, but the Pentagon has to buy tanks, ships and fighter jets which it doesn't use - not because the contracts couldn't have been stopped, but because Congressmen obtained money to give that contract to some company and now can't get out of the contract without repaying the "favor". In other words, the defense decisions are made by corrupt congressmen, not by the Pentagon and then all else has to be cut because the defense budget is sky high for stuff the army/navy and American Luftwaffe don't need. One talented Congress the US has.


Steve Perreira 30.09.2013 02:14

More on Drones: Somewhere on the internet you can Google a video transmitted from a US build Drone operated by the nation of Georgia. The drone videotapes an approaching Russian fighter. Both the drone and the fighter launch missiles at each other at the same time. Save for the fact that the drone missile was not the air to air type, both aircraft would have been destroyed. Georgia lost a little drone. Had the drone carried a sidewinder missile, Russia would have lost a big, expensive fighter and a dumb, egomaniacal pilot. In the future, drones will clean up on all manned fighters.


Steve Perreira 30.09.2013 02:12

Skeptics of drones beware. As a pilot and engineer, I well know the weakest link in combat aircraft is the monkey behind the stick. The drones used now by the USA to bomb insurgents are simple but effective. There is hardly a limit to how much sensory input a computer guided aircraft can take in compared to what a human pilot can process. Drones are lighter, faster, more maneuverable, longer ranged, more lethal, stealthier - ad-infinitum in advantages. Doubters, it's only your over-sized ego that sustains your bravado.


Dark Doomer 09.08.2013 11:50

394 billion dollar for 2443 jets, making an average cost of 161 million dollar per jet that can be clubbed like baby seals versus a g4.5 flanker.
and we used to call the rafale an overpriced toy over here !


Huai Phung 05.08.2013 03:18

Money? The plastic paper? Just print more "monopoly" money if you run out of it.


Stan Dinsmore 04.08.2013 22:29

Canadian gov't were going into a contract to buy 60 of the F-35 vs. the wishes of most Canadian people. Problem for most was the cost per plane. Now, maybe our defense dept. will be less amiable in the future + not be taken in by American boasting of their superior products.


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 03.08.2013 22:34

Robert Billyard 03.08.2013 16:54

The era of the manned fighter is over. Its time politicians and military strategists recognize this fact.


Cu rrent UAV is windows based, joystick driven plane good only to bomb civilians. Usage against adversary with AA defenses equals elimination in 0 time all UAVs. So for UAV fighters you need to wait about half of century.


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 03.08.2013 22:29

BritishCitizen 02.08.2013 17:28

may I also remind them that the superior Russian Engined Sukhoi super jet literally went belly up in Iceland! Good ole' RT!


Simply because to many US components are inside. No worries in S.100 NG and MS-21 will be no such problems with your faulty components.


Robert Billyard 03.08.2013 16:54

The era of the manned fighter is over. Its time politicians and military strategists recognize this fact. Just as the jet engine replaced piston engines guided missiles and drones replace the manned fighter.


NSA 03.08.2013 09:21

America could scrap the F35 joint strike fighter and purchase the Russia Sukhoi instead.


Murray 02.08.2013 23:24

RT - Please block and trace the ISP addresses of those spamming and trying to ruin this great RT news site [we can see where they come from]. FSB/SVR/GRU, you are welcome to give them what they deserve.


Green Knight 02.08.2013 20:24

A bigger problem with the F-35 is that it isn't good enough.

It is expensive, and it is worse than the fighters China and Russia are developing.

The F-35 should be cancelled and work started designing an F-22B.


Green Knight 02.08.2013 20:23

"The US spends more money on defense than any other nation"

More than the next 10 highest spending nations combined.

A nd $682.0 billion of the world's grand total of $1,753 billion in military spending -- 38% of the global total military spending.

Y ou'd think maybe the USA doesn't have any high spending allies, but the next 10 highest spending countries include 4 NATO allies, ally Japan, ally Saudi Arabi and the neutral countries India and Brazil.

In the top 11 military spenders, only China and Russia are prospective enemies in the foreseeable future.

Chi na spends $166 billion and Russia $91 billion.


Ahmadzai 02.08.2013 18:28

US is the biggest military junk producer, nothing looks right and works properly and F-35 is a good example. So, America should get help from Russia in designing and building military hardware or simply buy from Russia.


John C Walters 02.08.2013 18:03

"M2 Bradley" the sequel "The F35 is FUBAR" Not coming to a War zone near you..


Farmboy222 02.08.2013 17:25

That would get Canada off the hook . They were committing to buy about 60 of these overpriced turkeys . This "all-in-one "plane really does nothing very well.

Let's get back to basics.


citizen777 02.08.2013 17:06

Good! Cancel it. Matter of fact cancel the spending on tge 900 military bases worldwide too while you're at it too. We're sick and tired of our tax money going for killing people who haven't attacked us.

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