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Pentagon considers employees unhappy with US policies a security threat

08.08.2013 14:29

The Pentagon is warning its employees to be on the look-out for colleagues who demonstrate an “unhappiness with US foreign policy,” visit family abroad and have financial problems – traits that classify someone as an “insider threat”.

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Raider Ssmc 16.04.2014 04:38

hahahaha this one is a funny one most of the world don't agree with American polices does that make them a threat come on America get ya heads out ya butt and grow up you act like spiolt school kids you spend more time looking over ya shoulder then thinking like adults talk about paranoid


Mike 16.04.2014 01:57

Max21c 10.08.2013 20:50

Wasn't it former Secretary of State George Schultz that told the kiddies in the Reagan Administration to ffff off when they demanded that he sign a loyalty oath?


No doubt lots of those sycophants ended up wetting their pants, because no one had ever spoken to them like that before.


Mike 16.04.2014 01:54

what next? soon Pentagon employees will be instructed to attempt to seduce the spouse of their fellow workers, in an attempt to get the spouse to spill potential secrets about her/his husband/wife.

Typical. If you did not already guess that US folks are doing this, then you must be incredibly ignorant. Just think of the worst, most lecherous, filthy, ignorant things, and there... you will find the US military folks doing exactly that. "Oh... wow, I am so surprised that they would do this!!" Yeah buddy, you are surprised because you are an ignoramus.


Mukhtar Nezami 16.08.2013 19:40

Will USA troops leave Afghanistan?


Filipovic Boris 16.08.2013 08:01

But this is good news. For me this kind of security is only desparate attempt on sinkivg ship...which increases employeses cosciousness...


Katie Jaydee 13.08.2013 12:16

Thought crime indeed.


Paul Musso 11.08.2013 02:49



Max21c 10.08.2013 21:44

Since half the public supports one party and half the public supports another party then based on Pentagon "insight" half the public is always under suspicion for being disloyal per not agreeing with whichever clique has control over the Washington Regime and its secret police.


Max21c 10.08.2013 21:03

This sounds like its just more criminal activity from the Pentagon and secret police.


Max21c 10.08.2013 21:02

This type of stuff is unlawful, illegal, and unConstitutional. Taking action against a person that hasn't done anything and pursuing these types of "loyalty" programs and prosecuting people or persecuting people or calling them a "security threat" and possibly ruining their career or life is definitely a criminal act and these people behind this type of conduct in the military, CIA, FBI et cetera ought be prosecuted and throw in prison for their crimes.


Max21c 10.08.2013 20:58

Minor Technical Point: American citizens have an inherent right to dissent or disagree with the US Government and its policies. It's called the First Amendment. The 1st Amendment clause per "petition the government for a redress of grievances" thus clearly establishes the right to disagree or dissent. The Founding Fathers were very explicit in the use of the word "grievances&quo t; thus conveying a right to the citizenry to dissent and disagree with the state and its government and its policies.

I realize there's a lot of dumb people in Washington DC and the Pentagon but really this is ridiculous & McCarthyistic.


Max21c 10.08.2013 20:50

Wasn't it former Secretary of State George Schultz that told the kiddies in the Reagan Administration to ffff off when they demanded that he sign a loyalty oath?

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