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Bombs away: Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can’t escape software problems

24.01.2014 09:12

The US Defense Department has warned of reoccurring technical problems with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter, the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program that has already come under heavy criticism.

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achingforchange 24.01.2014 13:50

Elmo35 24.01.2014 13:42

Why not 'question more' with regards to your own Kremlin and their corruption


Except it is not "my Kremlin" as you put it or my state. So therefore there is no need for me to question Russian domestic politics. There is however a need for me to question my own gov't and its no1 ally the US because their decisions directly affect domestic polictics in my country, which is the UK. I suggest you do the same. I presume therefore you are American. Forgive me if i'm wrong but you seem to share their blinkered view of the world and of history.


shawn 24.01.2014 13:22

F22 vs T50? Haha..look at the flight envelope and you will know even at prototype stage the T50 has surpassed the F22 ...weapon bay/load/range/avion s...etc


Vladislav Feldman 24.01.2014 13:00

I'm surprised the US lets top secret information out to the world press or are they just lying.


achingforchange 24.01.2014 12:12

Elmo35 24.01.2014 11:17

America is renowned worldwide as the most technically advanced in the world


I think a better choice of words would be: America is notorious worldwide, in the mis-use of advanced technology all over the world.


est ockert 24.01.2014 12:11

we must need all these super pricey super duper weapons to defend "this system" from the aliens who might come save the rest of us. in the mean time, we'll create more jobs to get more people dependent on the gov/war machine.


Johnyshmit 24.01.2014 12:03

Any weapon is very efficient when used against civilians.
If American weapons are so advanced, why didn't they win a single war?
Just turn the page in your manual, you are getting boring :)


Johnyshmit 24.01.2014 11:59

Elmo35 24.01.2014 11:17

Viv a you previously stated in another article you were 'from a EU country' yourself.You have just destroyed that cover,again proving how pathetic your nation has become.Where shall I start with this article?America is renowned worldwide as the most technically advanced in the world no matter how much you hate to hear it.They test their weapons in many wars to help further advancements more than any other nation.If they haven't got experience I don't know who will



donriver 24.01.2014 11:22

Sounds like they need that CRACK team that worked on the Obama care website to fix them up! LOL! They can re-name it the OBOMBER!


Wander Floor 24.01.2014 11:11

mihikas 24.01.2014 11:07

. ..not only broken and faulty, packed with spy-ware calling home and dead-switches too. That´s not the Russian way, the Russian way is advanced, cheap and reliable in all conditions.


We ll said.


Viva Che 24.01.2014 10:59

How could other nations be intrested in buying US made broken, faulty military stuff? And why does even US wanna sell this junk to their "allies"? Maybe they dont care about thier "allies".. .

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