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Bombs away: Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can’t escape software problems

24.01.2014 09:12

The US Defense Department has warned of reoccurring technical problems with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter, the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program that has already come under heavy criticism.

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Wilson Boozer 24.01.2014 18:23

Typical. We spend a zillion dollars for a fighter plane that doesn't work to protect us from a bunch of guys who are wearing sandals!


Samuel von Staunton 24.01.2014 17:33

Tim Bravo 24.01.2014 15:52

The Pentagon needs to scrap this program altogether and get every dime back from Lockheed.


I don't think the two senators from the state of Lockheed would like that. But the senators from the great state of Boeing would. . .


Karel Cleuren 24.01.2014 17:10

Don't think those software problems will go away. They'll only grow bigger and bigger. But hey keep on buying and developping new weapons. The people of the world and the US reakky need those more then the food they live of. For destruction brings food to the table in the eyes of the US government. Corruption brings forth trust from the people. Hatred brings forth love.

Don't know what they teach the people in the US but somewhere someone forgot to mention that only love can bring forth love. Love creates peace without any extra costs.

But well I guess I'm crazy to believe that.


paradigm-respawn 24.01.2014 16:54

Disable the Green-Friendly Emission Controls and the F-35 Works Fine!

Buy Russian Avionics! Tested by the Best Pilots on the Globe!


Albrecht 24.01.2014 16:00

Just have a look at what American aircraft designer Pierre Sprey has to say about the F-35 on Youtube.


Tim Bravo 24.01.2014 15:52

The Pentagon needs to scrap this program altogether and get every dime back from Lockheed.


Chris S 24.01.2014 14:59

That is why they Pentagon has Boeing building at least 30 more old F-18's to fill the gap left by the poor performing F-35....just in case.

Probl em is, nobody needs more of the old F-18's....only in the US!


Mike Littlefield 24.01.2014 14:58

It's hard to find good COBOL programmers these days.


Frank 24.01.2014 14:10

The only way these defense contractors stay in business is by inflating capabilities when bidding on contracts and then the inevitable huge cost overruns.

U SA has lost so much manufacturing capability that they can not even build their machines of death anymore.


MrKnow 24.01.2014 14:08

Elmo35 24.01.2014 13:11

Yeah okay i'm going to the next page in my 'manual'. Sorry that I have an independent brain to the rest of your oppressed society. Shall we start with WW2? America got involved, designed the super weapon that to this very day stops full scale war from happening.


Really? I think you forget that Germany was also working on the atom bomb and probably would have had it operational if allied forces didn't sabotage the project so much. The scientists and mathematicians in the US project were from the US, canada and Europe, even some germans were involved.

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